Oct 172011

I apologize in advance, this post will be rushed to print.

Jeff, Kris, and I took a trip to Deep Creek Sunday to do a little hunting for Smallmouth Bass.  What we caught was something none of us were expecting from this warm water fishery.

As we alternated between inline spinners and Senkos we worked our way down the trailing stream at the tail end of Green Lane Park.  Jeff threw a 4″ Watermellon/black Senko into the middle of the stream and hooked into something he assumed to be a Smallmouth Bass.

As the fish got closer to the shore Jeff had a feeling that the fish on the other end of his line was big but it seemed to be fighting a little hard even for a Smallmouth Bass.

As the fish neared the shore we could hear Jeff yell “Dude, it’s not a Bass!  It’s huge!”

20" Rainbow Trout - Deep Creek

I’ll just say two things:

1.  That is a MONSTER trout for Deep Creek

2.  It was caught on a 4″ Senko

While not a traditional Trout kinda guy, Jeff was very pleased with this monster fish.  I’m still blown away.  To my calculations this fish would have either had to swim over three dams or travel miles and miles upstream to get to the spot where we caught it.

Congratulations Jeff!  You now hold the record for largest Rainbow Trout on The Functioning Fishaholics record board!

*Please note this trophy was returned unharmed back into the wild.

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  • Just caught this no pun intended but that is a very nice rainbow. congratulations

  • NICE catch – especially from warm water. Would say that next time you’re not planning on keeping a trout – I wouldn’t hold it like it’s being held in the photo. Trout just don’t have the same ruggedness as bass do.

    Still a hell of a catch. Maybe when you guys go back next spring, one of you can get it again (only it’ll be bigger).

    I’ve caught a few incidental trout out of a local lake when bassin’ with senkos. I like tossing them in 3 and 4″ sizes in red metalflake, black, and watermelon colors wacky rigged w/o weight.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      In Jeff’s defence, this was the first trout he’s caught in 5+ years and we only briefly had it out of the water. It wasn’t harmed, we didn’t eat it, and it now swims freely in its home. (:

  • Troy Sharp

    His finger is in it’s gill, pretty sure it was harmed…

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