Oct 092011

There once was an evil lurking in the depths of Skippack Creek.  A blight from a foreign land.  Its shape and form were a silvery white. On wispy fins it glides through the water slowly lurking… Waiting.

Only a blur, it haunts the depths...

This ghastly fish has been seen on a few occasions from the shores of Skippack Creek.  Where the Creek crosses the bridge of 73, a ghostly fish you will see…

How was this curse brought?

Some say the Ghost Koi of Skippack Creek escaped from a garden pond asylum.  Others say the fish was left behind by its former owner, unwanted.  A discarded fish that outgrew the love of a child.

Perhaps the Ghost is one in a long line of evil spirits descending, reproducing, multiplying in Skippack Creek.

The face of a ghost

October ghost stories aside, let’s all do our best to keep these beautiful Ghost Koi (and any other foreign species) OUT of our local water.  I’ve been watching this fish over the course of the year from Spring to Fall he started out at 4″ and is now about 10″ in length.  Hopefully someone catches this fish and returns it to a private pond ASAP.

I was able to get him to chase a Senko worm but something tells me this elusive Ghost will be a tough catch!


Do you have a spooky invasive species story?  Do you think jabbing a hook through a Koi’s face is barbaric?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I really need to post my snagging fly…STAT. You’re a man in need.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      If these were the invasive filter feeders of the Mississippi I would take you up on the offer. BUT I almost got this Koi to take a 3″ Gary Yamamoto Senko… Next time I see him I’m going to feed him a fly and find a garden pond for him to move to.

      Plus PA Fish and Boat Commission will cut your hands off for snag fishing…

  • Any chance you can legally seine or dipnet that fish and maybe sell it to a pet shop or something? Koi are (or were, when I was into keeping fish for pets) pricey fish. Could be extra cash for buying more tackle right there.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      This koi is ultra spooky. I was able to get it to chase a lure but once it saw me it was gone. The spot where it lives doesn’t lend itself to easy capture methods and since there is a ton of fishing pressure my guess is this fish is smart enough to hide.

  • Dannykrides

    hey buddy i caught one of these ghost koi today…use a 1 gram float a couple of your tiniest BB splitshots just below the float to make just the tip remain above water…use 2 lb test a size 18 trout hook or smaller. use a tiny pinch of bread for bait..make sure the barb is not covered. there should only be split shot right below the bobber..u want your hook bait to sink super slowly. One last thing….figure out the depth of the spot u want to fish to with in a couple inches…set your float so that your hookbait is just barely on bottom. If you set it up right it should only take 1/10th of a gram to sink your bobber…he will have no idea what hit him when u set the hook. If  he is feeding in the middle or on top of the water column, then fly fish for him with size 20 chironomids or midge pupa imitations…if its clear and skinny water..start with a 12 foot tippet..cheers and good luck!

    • Good tip.  It’ll be interesting to see if he made it through the winter.  I’ve tracked the un-official stockers to a pond at an Asian restaurant up the road a bit.  I think their pond overflowed into a feeder creek during some heavy rain.  If I do catch this fish I’m going to return him to the pond where he belongs!

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