Nov 212011

Or not.

I just finished reading Greg Murphy’s 2011 Largemouth Bass Survey for Marsh Creek Lake.  I have to say this report was well written and I really enjoyed all of the awesome charts and statistics!  Keep up the good work Greg!  Chalk up another great piece of work for the PA fish and boat commission!

Now back to the rumor at hand…  The popular belief of the local fishermen at Marsh Creek Lake is, “Those @#$#@$ stocked Muskie are eating all of the bass!”

RAWR! I'm here to eat your Bass!

Well boys (and girls) it seems science just put the monster muskie rumor to bed.

The 2011 Largemouth Bass Survey for Marsh Creek shows that Marsh Creek is thriving as a Largemouth fishery.  In fact the catch rate for Largemouth Bass was well above other Southeastern PA lakes.

My own little survey result

I for one can attest to the great Bass fishing at Marsh Creek.  We’ve fished there a few times this year and we always leave with big smiles.

Here is the link:  If you’d like to read the 2011 Largemouth Bass Survey for Marsh Creek Lake. 

If you are a Muskie fishermen there is good news too.  The report notes that four Tiger Muskie were caught during the survey.  The size range for the Muskie were 18 to 40 inches!  So go tie on some 10/0 hooks, hook on some dog toys, and let er’ rip!  (I hear Muskie like the big furry kind with squeakers in em.)

Now to keep the rumor mill churning (and the local folks happy) here is a little proof of electric propeller Muskie damage on a Largemouth Bass from Marsh Creek Lake.

Muskie or motor?

One good thing can be said about the stocked Muskie at Marsh Creek Lake.  They are equal opportunity eaters.

Muskie on Muskie action

The picture above was taken of a stocked Muskie we caught last winter.  This picture has been edited to show you both sides of this young 20″ Muskie.  The glare makes it a little hard to see but there are bite marks on both sides of the fish.  At one point something wrapped it’s jaws completely around this Muskie.

Love em’ or hate em’ the Muskie are here to stay in Marsh Creek Lake.  I for one love being able to fish for these monsters in my own back yard!  I’m also pleased to see that the Largemouth Bass are still plentiful in the lake.


Do you like Muskie?  Do you think they are a menace to society?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • dirtanddresses

    Thanks for this post! I had read the survey earlier in the day, but really enjoyed reading your reaction. I caught my first muskie on Saturday (30 inch, furnace lake in NJ) and was so excited! I grew up catching chain pickerel in ponds around south jersey. I enjoy my trout, bass and occasional perch- but im pretty sure the dinosaur-esque pike family is my favorite.

    • Congrats on the fish!  We caught a bunch of little ones last year (they stocked them all in one spot).  I’m thinking about heading over to Marsh Creek soon just to focus on Musky fishing.

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