Dec 292011

Wow.  2011 is flying by eh?  By my count there are three days left until 2012.  I’m excited.  2012 is going to hold some great fishing, the likes of which have never  been seen (at least on this humble blog).

As we travel farther down the rabbit hole of fishing addiction, allow me to present you with some more leftover footage from 2011.

Jeff, Mike, and I spent a whole day on 11-27-2011 doing nothing but fishing and drinking cheap beer.  We traveled a trail of fishing destruction many miles long, fishing four of our local bodies of water.  The shore fishing was rough.  We got skunked at three out of four spots but our last hour of fishing…  EPIC.

This day was a marvelous study in fishing addiction.  Three addicts refusing to leave the water (or waters) before they got a proper fishing fix.

Since this is a year end clearance post I decided to get a little crazy and present you with some trippy pics of our fishing addiction.  ENJOY!

Largemouth Bass caught on a spinner

The first bass of the day

The first Bass of the day was mine.  Running a silver #3 spinner along the coastline did the trick.  After a good day of catching nothing I practically jumped out of my skin when it hit.  Nothing like landing Largemouth Bass in PA at the end of November!

A nice Pickerel caught on a spinner

Mike's Pickerel

Mike’s Pickerel was next and it was awesome.  He was using a small Trout colored spinner and he followed the same technique of running it along the shore.  Thanks go out to  Jeff who was kind enough to handle the fish for Mike since Mike didn’t want to get his dress dirty.

Another PA Largemouth Bass Caught in November

Another beauty!

Another Largemouth hanging out along the edge of the weeds.  I love slow rolling big spinners in cold water.  Feels good to finally put the Senkos away for the year!

Last bass of the day (or night)

Last Bass of the day (or night)

As the sun set the day ended with a final Bass.  Yes there were other fish in between and yes I believe Jeff caught a few as well.  Once we figured out a steady pattern and it started to get dark the fish didn’t have a chance.


With three days left in 2011 do you have plans to fish before 2012?  Let us know in the comments below!



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