Dec 232011

As we draw 2011 to a close I’m forced to think about all of the things I didn’t get to do this year.  Regrets?  Perhaps.

I’m going to do a few quick and dirty rapid fire posts.  Good news is you’ll get some great pictures to look at.  Bad news is there won’t be much story.  But hey what do you want for 50% off clearance deals?

The first end of year clearance item is the Fly Tying Symposium I went to with Mike and Mike from Dub The Thorax and Troutrageous!


Two awesome guys and one awesome time!  I look back on this trip as one of my favorite moments of 2011.

If you’d like the back story of this mid-November fly fishing extravaganza, check out their amazing posts below:

The best fly fishing blog in Montgomery County PA’s rendition (Troutrageous!)

The best fly fishing blog in Bucks County PA’s rendition (Dub The Thorax)

My original intention was to include the names of all of the masterful tiers that were there but hey, this is the end of year clearance…


Did you make the show?  Did you like my pics?  How bout the great stories told by Mike and Mike?  Let us know in the comments below!



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