Dec 272011

Today I had full intention of posting a useful article on fishing.  Then I clicked on some YouTube videos and well…  Let’s just say my evening quickly took on more of an “educational” tone.

Ya know, like when you were in high school and they would have “movie day”.  Pretty sure I slept through most of those movies in school but I bet they were like these and I bet these are educational.  So enjoy!

Today I learned about the Dragon Shark

My real name is "Frilled Shark" (via Wikipedia)

I also learned that sometimes they like to eat puppies…  No really.

YouTube Preview Image
Crazy eh?  Keep that in mind next time you think about long walks on the beach with Scruffy!

Interested in seeing some non-animated footage of a  Dragon Shark?  BAM!  Here ya go!

YouTube Preview Image

According to Wikipedia (I read it here) these Frilled Sharks live 160-660 feet deep and can be found all over the place.

distribution of the frilled shark, dragon shark

Now that you'll never swim off the coast of Georgia again...


I also ran into some new exciting footage of the Loch Ness Monster.  Not really sure if this one was faked or not but apparently they have caught the creature eating.  We now have a better idea of what bait to use!


YouTube Preview Image


I hope you enjoyed movie day.  If you learned something new let us know in the comments below!



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  • Entertaining videos.  I was especially drawn in by the soundtrack of the Loch Ness monster short.

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