Dec 302011

Did a little work at the fly tying bench tonight.  It was a great way to end a short work week.  Nothing like banging out half a dozen flies to calm the nerves.

Tonight I focused on two chenille intensive patterns.  The first, an old standby, the San Juan worm and a new fly (to me) that I found in my book called the “Fox Poopah”.

Poopah…  Haha get it?  (at this point I HAD to tie it)

As you’ll see in the pictures below I experimented with some red wire on my San Juan worms.  This should add some extra weight and with the colored wire (thanks AC Moore) I think it blends in rather nicely.

Image of a san juan worm fly tying pattern

San Juan worm #1

Here is another one I did.  I used thread to build up the fat part of the body. Tthis also doubles as the head of my fly.

Another image of a san juan worm

San Juan #2

The Fox Poopah was a pretty neat pattern to tie.  Pretty much a olive chenille worm with some dubbing and ribbing.  Antennae and legs are in there too but all and all it wasn’t too hard.


image of a fox poopah fly tying pattern

I'm a poopah

I really just like the name look of these things.  

Another image of a fox poopah fly

Fox Poopah #2

I changed up the dubbing on the head of this one.  I have some black UV ice dubbing that I would eat if I could.  Not sure how well it works on fish but the purple/black sparkly look is awesome.

third fox poopahfly

Fox Poopah #3

I thought this one looked the most natural.

an image of all of the flies I tied this evening

Tonight's haul

So here’s the haul.  Seven flies in all.  It’s always interesting to see how flies turn out.

While I’m still learning a lot I take pleasure in seeing all of the small ways each fly is unique.  Some people may call them flaws but I believe mass produced “perfect” flies are missing their soul.  The subtle flaws in my flies will hopefully make the fish smile and take pity on my humble attempts at trickery.

Do you tie your own flies?  Do you have a favorite pattern?  Let us know in the comments below!




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  • No, I don’t tie flies…yet.  Just signed up for a class in January though!  My favorite and go-to fly is the zebra midge.  So, if I can at least learn how to tie those and probably the simple, but needed San Juan worm…I would be a happy girl! 

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