Dec 242011

One epic fishing trip last July involved a whole host of wild animals.  We first met a curious raccoon in broad daylight (from which I ran screaming like a little girl).  Raccoons in daylight?  Never good.

After moving to another fishing location (several miles away),  we also met the little gem below.

picture of a bat that landed in the water at Green lane park

Is that a bird?

Jeff and I saw something fall out of a tree into the water.  At first glance we thought that a baby bird had fallen from a nest.  As the animal flailed around helplessly in the water I sprang to action.  Hiding the hook in my Senko worm, I continuously cast beyond the animal and pulled it closer and closer to shore…


Not a bird.

The creature had given up on trying to swim back to shore and after the earlier daylight run-in with a Raccoon, I deemed the day “Rabies awareness day” and decided that I was going to leave the bat to its own devices 10 feet or so from shore.

YouTube Preview Image

I walked away from the drowning creature as it swam helpless circles in the water and continued to fish downstream.  After a few casts it occured to me that I was ready to help this animal when I thought it was a bird but now that it was something a little less cuddly, I all but left it to die.

The wilderness Grinch’s heart grew two sizes that day…

I decided that one creatures life wasn’t worth more than another.  After a short period of “manning up”, I walked back upstream and with three or four well placed casts I was able to pull the little critter back to the dry bank.

Once the bat was on solid ground and showing signs of life I proceeded to run back downstream like a little girl.  I wasn’t about to let Dracula thank me for playing lifeguard.

That bat most likely died by now due to one thing or another but a great lesson was learned that day.  If you are going to help something (or someone) don’t change your tune when you learn they aren’t what you first expected.  If you commit to help see it through.


Do you like bats?  Would you save one from drowning?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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