Jan 072012

The seventh day of the new year and things seem a bit off…

Is it the fishing goals post I meant to finish last week?  Na, they can wait another year.

How bout the fact that I haven’t purchased the best 8wt Bass fly fishing rod in the world yet?  Nope, still got a few months before that needs to happen.

So what is it that has me a bit off of my game?  I mean, it’s cold outside so I’m fishing less but if I really wanted to brave the cold and fish…  Wait…  IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!

That’s it!  Something should have been purchased on 1/1/2012 and that little something is my 2012 Pennsylvania fishing license!

Where, you ask, does a functioning fishaholic go to purchase said license?  If you guessed “couch” you would be correct.

Buying your license from the source is easy!  Head on over here and you can buy your very own 2012 PA fishing license online

If you’ve never been to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s web page I suggest you take some time to look around.  I love this website and all of the wonderful people that work so hard to make all of this information available.  These are the folks that fight every day to keep our water safe (and fishable).

PA Fish and Boat Employees look like this


Have you bought your license yet?  If not why are you waiting?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Cdllmeawesome2003

    Just got mine today. Too late to enjoy the weather though.

  • Mike Volensky

    I literally forgot until today. I fished illegally on Tuesday!  I pulled in to the LL parking lot this afternoon and saw a game warden there talking to other fisherman. I quickly bought it on my iphone, saved the PDF, and then went up to the warden and explained that I didnt have a copy, I had it on my phone, and asked him if I would get busted if I fished. He laughed and said he couldnt fathom how I actually had it on my phone, and let me fish. Hell of a nice guy.

    • LOL that’s awesome!  I was about to say “Dude you know you just admitted to fishing illegally in a post where I thank the game wardens right?”  Then I kept reading.  AWESOME use of technology (even if it was an iphone)

  • Mike Volensky

    p.s. No love for me in the blog roll?! Im hurt!

    • Na man you’re there (:  You must have just missed it or something….

  • Daniel Roloff

    Great blog, glad I found it. 
    In Illinois it changes over in April, last year a few Navy friends and I hit a small lake and got checked. My friend and I were good but one had no licence and my other buddy forgot to renew. Lucky we were in the service and got some slack, guy new we were not bucket heads. Learned our lesson. 

  • I actually have a short tale on getting my license so I’ll save that for my blog, but needless to say, I have it. Now. 

  • P.S – Never thought of that. License on your smart phone. Neither has the state. You can board a plane using a boarding pass on your phone. Surely you can have you license on your phone too. Interesting…..

  • sroach

    Great blog, found you can buy it online a couple days ago and was looking for someone that actually did it.

    Heading there now to buy it.

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