Jan 262012

Lately I’ve been developing an obsession of sorts…  I’m drawn to purchase something useful but dangerous, sharp but pretty…

DANGER SHARP! (via Wikipedia)

The object of my affection is simple, a good (and cheap as possible) all around fishing knife.  While I currently own many pocket knives and a few multi-tools, I’ve never liked any of them enough to take them fishing.

My future shiny friend should be:

  • OK with getting wet every now and then
  • Easy to get to in a time of need
  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Durable for years of abuse

I’ve read a lot of great reviews and posts on knives but I’d like to start a discussion with the fishermen I trust.

What is your favorite knife?  What knife would you buy if given the chance?  Would I be better outfitted with a broadsword while fishing?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Georgerbrownii

    Any single locking blade Gerber. You’ll lose it before it breaks.

  • Georgerbrownii

    Any single locking blade Gerber. You’ll lose it before it breaks.

  • Kirk Mantay

    Buck Parallex ($30), Kershaw Vapor ($30), Buck Red Point ($40), Kershaw Scallion ($60).

    Those are my all around knives.  I always have one on me.  Like yesterday, when I showed up for an event at the State House, and had to run the knife back to my truck. 

    Anyhoo, all three are deadly sharp out of the box, take a sharpening well (don’t  get a full serrated blade), and are super resistant to rust.  Will they cut copper wire? Not for long.  But that’s because they are cheap knives.   Also, the Kershaws are fluted in profile (keep reading) and the tips are no good for tasks like “pretending the knife tip is a flat head screwdriver.”  Unless you prefer tipless knives.

    I have given all but the Scallion as gifts because they are GOOD and CHEAP. 

    Good luck, let us know what you decide on. 

    Kirk @ River Mud

    • Statehouse…  Oh boy.  Thanks for the suggestions.  Looks like some good prices too.

  • Clif

    I have a lock-blade knife for fishing. Part of the blade is serrated, which is very helpful to cut line quickly. Get the line into one of the serrations and *ping*  line is cut.

    They sell mine at places like walmart and target for prices you’d expect at places like that. It might be a gerber brand, or maybe coleman…I don’t remember.

    • I have an old pocket knife that has a serrated blade it comes in handy when I’m using it around the house.  Might have to think about adding that to the feature list.

  • Anybody have experience with SOG knives?  I saw an interesting assisted open knife today but I don’t have any experience with the brand.

  • Chris Williams

    Sure, I’m biased but I’ve got opinions! (ha). After several months of working with Charleston Angler staff and their guides, we came up with this design:  http://www.thecharlestonangler.com/product/c90/f3402.html It’s called the Redfish and not only is it an excellent cutting tool but it gets high marks from boat captains and mates on many of the sportfishers out of Charleston.

  • guest

    as long as you aren’t cleaning your catch a pocket knife is probably the safest to carry. i’ve used a boker angler for decades. attached to me via a lanyard. i have literally hundreds of knives but that what i usually carry while fishing.

    however when hunting AND fishing i use one of grohman’s belt knives (the original or the trout model). it’s a mid sized fixed blade. it’s sharp and i find it about perfect for general use.

    keep in mind that looking for the perfect knife is like looking for the perfect person. you keep looking and you’re just going to get in trouble.

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