Jan 242012

The Following is a guest post by Lee Hammerschmidt of Savvyboater.com

Jon style bass boat photo

Keep your bass boat in top condition

Finally, a bass boat to call your very own.

All that scrimping and saving. Not to mention having to switch to cheap domestic beer. But now it’s all yours and you can’t wait to get out on the water. Still, you need to make one more small investment to protect that big investment… a boat cover.

As most anglers and boat owners know, a boat cover is a smart, inexpensive way to protect your boat from the elements. Rain, hail, mildew, dirt, road grime, falling debris and UV rays can all wreak havoc on a boat. Not only will a bass boat cover keep your new vessel looking great, it will improve the resale value should you decide to upgrade in the future.

But how do you decide which is the right cover for your boat? It depends on what style of bass boat you have. Carver and Westland, two of the top boat cover manufacturers in the industry (Made in the USA!) offer options for three main styles of bass boats – Angled Transom, Jon and Pro/Wide.

Line drawing of angled transom bass boat

Angled transom bass boat covers are designed to fit boats from popular manufacturers like Glasstream, Skeeter, and Cajun. Made of durable 8 oz. Performance Polyguard, they come in semi-custom fits up to 21 feet long and 96 inches wide. They provide coverage for a trolling motor, depth finders, and pedestal seats.Line Drawing of Jon Style Bass Boat

Jon style bass boat covers provide coverage for a flared front bow and folded or low profile fishing seats. They are available in Performance Polyguard or Sharkskin fabric and in semi-custom fits up to 19 feet long and 92 inches wide.

Line drawing of wide bass boat

And last, but not least, Pro/Wide bass boat covers provide coverage for a trolling motor, seats and windscreens up to 12 inches. Semi-custom sizes range up to 22 feet in length and 96 inches in width with fabric options of Performance Polyguard and Sharkskin.

And the prices? Depending on the size of your bass boat, you can pick up an angled transom for as low as $213, a Jon style for $158 and a Pro-Wide for $193 (http://www.savvyboater.com). That’s a pretty inexpensive insurance policy.

Not sure what size boat cover you need? Check out the popular resource guide, “Getting the Right Fit“. It’s chock full off helpful information on how to measure your boat to make sure your cover will fit properly.

So don’t let Ma Nature decrease the look and value of your new bass boat. With the many options of bass boat covers available, you’ll be able to stretch your boats’ lifespan to the limit, all the while you’re catching your limit.

Lee Hammerschmidt is an outdoors blogger for Savvyboater.com, which sells boat seats, boat propellers, deicers and other boating supplies. Check out other blog posts at http://blog.savvyboater.com.


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  • A boat cover is necessary if you want to protect your huge investment, they are very helpful to increase the lifespan of a boat.

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