Feb 112012

Lately the internet has  been buzzing about foam popper flies.  

It seems every other day I’m seeing a new video on tying foam bodied flies.  Since I have my new, pretty, Sage Bass rod and plenty of time to wait till warm water fishing heats up, I figure the cold months are perfect for tying up a few summertime foam patterns.

This is a foam frog I tied up tonight.  It is the first foam bodied popper I’ve ever made.  I used 7 cut discs of foam for the body which I glued together and carved to get a round body.

Foam bodied bleeding frog fly

My first try at a bleeding frog popper

I couldn’t get a perfectly round cut on the foam but I think leaving it a little rough gives it more of an organic look.  I added the red maribou up front to simulate blood.  I figure, if a frog is good…  a bleeding frog has to be AWESOME!

foam bodied frog popper fly

front view - Basstastic

Cabela’s #1 Saddle hackle for the legs with a puff of green marabou to separate.  A little more olive hackle for the rump.  Under the foam I used a piece of backing to thicken up the hook shank and give the glue and foam something to stick to.

Foam frog fly belly

Frog belly

I decided to use some white paint for the frog’s belly.  I was lucky enough to also have white rubber legs which should look great in the water.  I also used some green Sharpie markers to add spots to the frog.

I probably could have saved a lot of time on this fly if I would have bought a pre-made popper body.  Then again, I wouldn’t have had as much fun!

This is an awesome pattern as it involves some engineering to get the foam right.  I’m by no means a pro tyer so if you have the materials give ita shot!  The Bass will LOVE this one!


Do you tie frog poppers on your vice?  Does your pattern use any other materials?  Do you have any tips for me?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Owl

    You can never go wrong with a little (simulated) blood. 🙂 

    • I feel it adds a little element of DANGER…  Like a horror film the MONSTER Largemouth Bass will be drawn to this EPIC BLOODY frog fly. 

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