Feb 082012

Are you obsessed with fly tying?  Have you ever been caught stealing hackle feathers from the hair of random women?  Do you find yourself plucking materials from family pets?  Well do I have some good news for you!

One of my fly fishing buddies is having a fly tying contest!

The cool thing about this contest is it’s going to rank the submissions by:  proportion, originality, creativity, precision and overall appearance.  So in other words, if you are like me and lack years of fly tying experience, you can still get points by creating something fun and new.

In order to build suspense, I’m leaving the name of the blog out of this post.  If you want to know more click the link, check it out,  and compete against THIS.

A crazy fly pattern I'm calling Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

With a grab bag of Cabela’s fly tying materials and an idea from an old 80’s movie I’ve created a creature so foul it will haunt the dreams of Trout and Bass for years to come!

the dark crystal was an 80's movie this was the bird creature

Bird Creature from The Dark Crystal... Inspiration!

If you grew up in the 80’s the picture above should bring back many fond memories of long sleepless nights and nightmares of bird like creatures trying to steal your soul.  How much fun is a fly pattern that captures the beauty of the part reptile, part bird, part dragon creature, the Skeksis?

If you want to submit your own fun (or serious) fly tying masterpiece click the link below for details!

The best fly tying contest ever!  Did I mention the grand prize is a 5wt rod?


Do you tie flies that are awesome enough to make trout herl?  Are you thinking of hackling something together and hooking up with this contest?  Do fly tying puns woolly bugger you?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Mike Volensky

    that’s f*cking awesome.

    • Thanks!  That was the first one I tied.  I got an idea for my last one that might be super sick.

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