Mar 082012

Back in January I brought up the subject of fishing knives and the fact that I was in need of a new sharp companion to accompany me on my fishing journeys.

I did some research on custom knives and even built a Pinterest board full of shiny sharp things I couldn’t afford.

I spent countless hours obsessing over knives at the local sporting goods stores but most of the blades out there were either too expensive or were mass produced pieces of plastic junk.

While at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow in Oaks PA last month I decided that I would try to find something to meet my slightly disturbing tastes.  There were a few booths with knives at the show.  Most of the knives were cheap plastic, too small, too big, too weird, too army, etc.

The second day of the show I found a few knives from a company called Elk Ridge that I thought might fit my need.  I compared three or four models and settled on the knife below.

elk ridge hunting knife review

Elk Ridge

The other side of the knife reads “USA design handcrafted in China”.  Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of that but for less than $20 I found a 5″ fix blade knife that has the looks of a custom knife.

elk ridge hunting fishing knife

Not bad

I’m still pretty new to sharpening and caring for a knife so I’m going to call this one my “starter knife”.  I figure it will be more than I need for out in the field and when I win the lottery (or get the ok from wifey) I can have Chris from Williams Knife design me something so custom and special that I’ll never want to take it out of the house.

elk ridge fishing knife

Till then this will work...

So don’t consider this a review.  I fully plan on using and abusing this new piece of cutlery.  If I don’t lose it (or chuck it in the lake) I’ll make sure to take more pictures and show you the progression of how this blade handles in the field.

If you are like me and think a knife for less than $20 bucks is too good to pass up please check out Elk Ridge on Amazon.  If you use this link and buy something, you’ll be donating a few pennies to our cause (and the custom knife fund).


So what do you think?  Did I sell out our country for a cheap blade?  Will this knife fall apart in the field?  If you can forgive me for not buying “Made In the USA” please leave your comments below!




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