Mar 122012

Ooh a 2 part series?  Yes…  My fishing weekend was that good.

Before I get started, if you’d like to read a really well written account of the Saturday’s events please check out this post.

For those of you who didn’t click the link above, here’s my version of Saturday’s events.

F3T was in town...

The F3T was in town last Saturday and Southeastern PA’s bloggers had to represent.  (F3T stands for Fly Fishing Film Tour)

How do you make a day out of the F3T?

A big sucker caught on Valley Creek


And fish we did.  Originally it was going to be yours truly, Mike from Dub the Thorax, and Troutrageous! Mike.  Mike #1 couldn’t make the outing but Troutrageous! Mike could and 1 out of 2 Mikes ain’t bad.

The sucker you see above was a glorious specimen caught on Valley Creek under the strict guidance of Troutrageous! Mike.

Mike is an awesome host and gave me first shot at all of the good runs.  In fact, the very first cast I made got me into a nice Valley Creek wild Brown Trout.

Valley creek pa wild brown trout

Valley Creek Brown Trout

This was the only Trout I would hook into for the day but I still had a great time.  With all of the fishing pressure on this creek coupled with extremely spooky fish I’m happy with my catch.  For the record Mike caught 3.

Valley Creek is famous for skunking even seasoned fly fishermen so a little Brown Trout and a big fat amorous  Sucker (explained here) made for a great day of fishing.

T! Mike likes Ketchup

After a few good hours of fishing T! Mike took me to Gino’s in King of Prussia.  While I’m not quite sure what went down in the picture above, I believe it laid a firm foundation for the rest of the evening’s events.

After our glorious meal we made our way over to The Sporting Gentleman fly shop.  The pre-party was in full effect, beer and pizza were flowing (does pizza flow?).  Elbow to elbow, we anxiously awaited the drawing for the evening’s door prizes.

party at the Sporting Gentleman

Party at The Sporting Gentleman

I’ve never been to The Sporting Gentleman in Media before but I could tell that the guys that ran the shop had a great selection of gear and were very hospitable to their guests.  We weren’t there long but even though I was a stranger in a strange new fly shop I felt like I belonged.  I’ll have to visit this shop again.

Although we didn’t win any door prizes, what happened next made up for it.

fly fishing film tour in media pa

Ahh... Fish porn.

After a long day of fishing it was finally time to sit down and enjoy the F3T.  As you can see from the grainy bootleg image above, the actors in these films enjoyed their beer and their fish (both elements of great film).

All of the videos screened at the F3T were breathtaking, fun, and filled with giant fish.  There was even a giant Tarpon that almost bit a dog’s head off.

With all of the excitement it’s hard to believe I could actually sleep.  As my day drew to a close I slept soundly knowing that Sunday would hold another adventure of its very own…  Keep your eyes peeled for part 2!

Did you get to the Fly Fishing Film Tour this year?  Are you going to make it next year?  Do you like catching amorous Suckers on Valley Creek?  Let us know in the comments below!




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  • It was a very fun/full day of fly fishing.  Wish we got into a few more fish at Valley, but that sucker seemed worth the trip, looked like he put up a good fight.  As far as the night cap, watching Doc set that hook made for an exclamation mark ending to the day.

  • Michael Kinney

    The picture of trout at the top is not a wild Brown Trout, it is a Brook Trout. The tell sign is the white edge on the fins, also the bluish stripes down the side. Hard to say if it is wild or not, wild ones usually don’t have that much white on them, but every water is different.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Interesting. Any links to back that up? Not being confrontational but Valley is full of browns and I’m seeing a good deal of white on other brown trout pics online. Don’t let the coloring fool you I did kick it up a notch in the photo editing software I use (:

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