Mar 132012

After spending a day fishing Valley Creek and watching the Fly Fishing Film tour it was hard to imagine my weekend could get any better.

Then, there was Sunday.

Turns out fellow Functioning Fishaholic Jeff has one HECK of a father in law.  While I’m not 100% sure how much of his soul he had to sell to make this happen, somehow we ended up with a new boat!

Now before you go and get all excited, remember our last new boat was “Old Iron Sides” which during her time (circa 1970) was one heck of a canoe.

Our new boat is real purdy… A real, honest to goodness, arrives on a trailer, type of boat.  Not a canoe, not a kayak, but not quite a Ranger…

the funcfish crew has a new boat!

Our New Ride!

I fell in love with this boat the moment my eyes laid upon her speckled, crimson hull.  The essence of The Functioning Fishaholics flows deep within this one.

The Funcfish culture isn’t to go out and buy a $30,000 boat.  No.  We are a crew that believes in the joys of DIY and making the most of what we have.  This boat may be a hand me down but to the Funcfish crew she’s a real lady!

No standing in the boat

Myth debunked

Jeff’s father in law didn’t think we’d be able  to stand, balance, and fish in this boat due to its V shaped hull.  What he didn’t realize is spending two whole years fishing from a top heavy canoe has conditioned us to be able to balance on  anything and fish.

The image above is of Jeff on the phone with his FIL shortly after launch.  Not only could we stand and fish, we could stand and fish with one foot waves and high wind!



Padded seats, rod holders, electric motor, depth finder, bilge pump, room for tackle, the ability to stand and fish.  Coming from a few years of fishing from various canoes this boat was QUITE the treat!

While we didn’t catch anything on Sunday, we did get to take the boat for a tour of Marsh Creek and throw some casts.  She’s going to need a little work but she floats and performed flawlessly on a rough and windy day.

Do you have a boat?  Did you have to work your way up the used boat ranks before you landed a new top tier Bass boat?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • My boat never breaks down. 😉

    • This is the next step for me personally.  I have a 17′ aluminum canoe to sell then I need to find a nice used Kayak that will fit the bill for fishing (ie. cheap enough for my wife’s approval)

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