Mar 202012

I’ve got a secret…  I’ve been secretly sneaking quick 30 minute fishing trips on the way home from work…  Almost every day…

Some people would call this addiction…  I call it PRACTICE.

My usual “on the way home” spot along the Skippack Creek is currently closed to fishing.  Due to the stocking of trout for the opening day of PA’s Trout season, I won’t be able to fish there until March 31.

So until the end of March, I’ve set my sights on an un-stocked stretch of the Perkiomen Creek.  The water is open but so far catching a fish in 30 minutes or less has been extremely difficult.  It’s almost like the water is dead.  Lots of bugs, no ripples, no fish.

After multiple whippings with the fly rod and churning up the water with all manner of lures I finally found this…

Perkiomen Creek Smallmouth Bass

Perkiomen Creek Smallmouth Bass

While I would have loved to catch this little guy on a fly rod, the trusty ol’ spinning rod and Senko were today’s answer.  This is the first fish this year that I’ve caught on my spinning gear.  Up until this point it has only been Trout on the fly.

perkiomen creek smallmouth bass 3-20-2012

First Smallmouth Bass of the year

30 minute fishing trips are not easy.  In the early spring the water is still fairly cold and finding the right pattern, lure, and spot can be difficult from shore.  These outings are awesome practice.  When a single lure change could mean losing 5 minutes of fishing time, every decision counts.  Do I walk upstream?  5 minutes upstream, 5 minutes back to the car, that’s 1/3 of the trip!

If I ever get the chance to fish a tournament, I’m going to remember these lessons.  Timing is critical when you’re fishing under the gun.

Today the clock was on my side.  It felt good to visit with one of the residents of the Perkiomen Creek.

As the weather warms up I think I”ll be spending a lot more time here…

Do you steal time to go fishing?  Should speed fishing be an Olympic sport?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Mike Volensky

    Kohler park gave me a dink largemouth today on a pink woolly bugger

    • Nice.  So is that place like shooting dinks in a barrel?  Might have to lunch break be off a piece of that.

  • MrEastside619

    nice catch 30 minute is a short period of time atleast you caught it oyeah!

    • Last cast too.  I just slow played it.  I think he felt sorry for me.

  • River Mud

    I’ve blogged about this before.   Fished 60 minutes after work yesterday – caught 10 nice panfish but no bass.  I was still glad to go.  For those of us with jobs (I have 2), wives (I have 2…WAIT…1), and kids (1), it’s either “go fast or go home.”    The important thing is to have a game plan in place before you set foot on the water….i.e. “my goal in the next 90 minutes is to catch one 15” trout or one 2lb bass or “to catch fish of any type and size, doesn’t matter.” 

  • Steven Smith

    I am gonna have to try the Perkiomen someday this year….

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