Mar 192012

Apparently if you are an amazingly talented painter like Christina Deubel you can make art out of anything!

A few weeks back Christina contacted me on Twitter and explained that she is doing an entire art show based on flies that were tied by fly fishermen on Twitter.  She wondered if I would send her some close up photos of my flies which she would then use to create unique works of fly fishing art.

Nothing against other artists out there…

But most fly fishing paintings are a little bland. Something needed to be done, great art is unique, someone had to shake things up a bit.

In with the “normal” fly pictures I sent Christina, I decided to include some “experimental patterns”.  You know, a few selections with flair,  something  to kick an artist’s creative mind into overdrive.

As if on cue Christina picked the most outrageous “experimental” fly of the group.  I call it The Dark Crystal… A fly pattern that was inspired by a Muppet.

the dark crystal was an 80's movie this was the bird creature

A bird creature from The Dark Crystal... Inspiration!

While I haven’t officially entered this fly pattern into a certain fly tying contest, I’m pretty sure it would win.  Nothing says over the top more than tying flies with Cabela’s grab bag material!

Well, enough about my crazy fly design.  Check out this painting!

FunctioningFishaholicsFly by Christina Deubel

Functioning Fishaholics Fly by Christina Deubel

Pretty cool eh?  It’s almost like she painted a little soul into this inanimate object.  More life, more motion than I could ever capture with fur and feather.  Maybe I see it because it’s a copy of my creation but I really think something special is going on in this painting and I dig it.

To make things even better, Christina’s donating some of the proceeds from her show  to The River Ambassador Program.  You can read more about that here.

I want to thank Christina for painting one of my creations and allowing me to share her work on the site.  PLEASE take the time to view the other stunning paintings she’s done for this show on her site.

Do you like fishing art?  Should I have stuck to a more traditional fly pattern?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Umm. that is about the coolest looking thing EVAR. I think it rocks that you sent in something awesome like that. I just sent in some buggers. yawn. Of course, she said she wanted “fluffy” flies, so they’re big, fluffy buggers – but they’re just buggers. Nothing as totally rad as this thing. The name is perfect if the fly looks anything like the painting!

    • Owl, this fly pattern haunts the dreams of old school fly tiers and has been known to make the Wild Brown Trout of Valley Creek faint.  

      If I can ever get my LAZY but in gear this will arrive at your doorstep for the contest.

    • hahah, I love it!  I think this fly looks viscous! Fairly certain it is going to bite the fish back.  Thank you both for sharing your awesomeness with me!  Owl your flies are on deck 🙂

  • Fairman2

    Aaaaahhhh, that’s AWESOME!!! First off, a Black Crystal reference is always a score + crazy-looking-pink-muppetish-bugger-looking-thingy is flat out genius. Love the experimental aspect!!! Fish On!!

    • Fairman2

      ah, crud….spell check be damned…Dark Crystal…sorry. Got a little excited there.

    • Yessir!  I can’t wait to fish these things.  At worst they will work great for gills’ at best 3lb Bass  (:

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