Mar 222012

There is nothing I hate more than guys that copy other people’s posts but after seeing this video this morning I’m going to hope epic Troutmaster Troutrageous! Mike will forgive me for stealing this.

Turns out there was a sewage spill in Valley Creek last weekend.

The video below states that there hasn’t been a fishkill (yet) but most likely the effects of the spill won’t really take hold until months from now.

sewage spill in valley forge national park

Feces and Fish don't mix

If you fish Valley Creek for its beautiful Wild Brown Trout, you may not want to watch the video below.  It made me sick to my stomach.

For the full story click here:

I know this shouldn’t need to be said, but I’d caution anyone from wading downstream from where the “incident” occurred.  Don’t tie knots with your mouth, and for heavens sake, stay away from “surface feeding (or should I say floating) varieties of “brown trout”!

valley creek turns into a toilet

No need for one of these... Please just go in my pristine trout fishing paradise!

Help spread the word about this incident.  I tend to be a bit of a news hound but this one almost slipped under the radar.  You’d think the headline:

“Raw Sewage Spill In Valley Forge National Park”

would be a big deal…

Will you think twice about fishing Valley Creek now that it’s filled with sewage?  Have you ever caught the other variety of “Brown Trout?”  Do you think news about “The Situation” going into rehab is more important than a raw sewage spill in a national park?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Msmoyer

    reminds me of the accidental spill from Merck of number of years ago and also the spill from the former MOPAC company as well. While Merck didnt have a fishkill MOPAC did have one and it was pretty bad. After Merck’s spill they spent millions in redesigning and rebuilding their holding tank system. It is always a shame to see this happen

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