Mar 222012

A guest post by:  Larry Chandler 

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, it is fairly easy to find almost any information about a local spot such as a restaurant or entertainment venue.   Unfortunately, finding information about where to fish and what kind of fish might be available has not been so easy to find.  However, anglers in Pennsylvania can now locate any fishing hole thanks to the Fish PA-GPS Guide app.

What is it?

Basically this is an application for a smartphone or tablet device.  For a small fee you can purchase the app and download it to your device.

GPS fishing guide for PA 1

GPS fishing guide menu

What does it do?

The app gives anglers exact driving directions to fishing areas on rivers, streams and lakes.  It works for boaters as well as folks looking to wet a hook from the shore.  The app uses your current location to provide you with the proper directions on how to get to your chosen spot. The current database has more than 4700 different destinations available for anglers.

Is there more information available?

The app does more than simply point you to a spot.  You have the ability to search for places based on a particular species of fish, available seasons or even particular styles of fishing such as trolling, fly fishing or floating.  You can choose a spot to launch a boat or pick an area good for wading or simply fishing from the shore. Best of all, the results will be listed in order of distance from your current location.  So, if you are searching for a spot likely to hold brown trout, you can find the CLOSEST spot in just a matter of minutes!

GPS guide for PA 2

GPS fishing guide maps

Enhancements for Trout and Bass

If you really are in search of trout waters you can narrow the results in various ways.  The app can show the nearest approved waters that are stocked with trout, point out any locations with special regulations or help you navigate to the steelhead areas out of Lake Erie.

Bass anglers can search the big lakes that are known for holding quality bass and even find detailed information for largemouth, spotted, or smallmouth bass.  Other warm water fish like pike, Muskie, walleye, crappies and catfish are also covered.

Good Info for Boaters

For boaters wondering if their particular rig will pass the regulations on certain bodies of water, the app can tell you what type of motor is allowed as well as the maximum size.  Then, you can pick the boat ramps and launches nearest to your location in order to get fishing quicker and easier.  Available docking points and marinas are also indicated to keep boaters safe and in supplies during their outing.

The technology advancements of our time seem to be permeating every part of our lives.  Smartphones that can do thousands of tasks are becoming an almost vital part of our lives.  Now these little devices can finally do something that a Pennsylvania outdoorsman really likes; point them to a good fishing spot!

What do you think of this type of technology?  Is it something you would like to try out, or do you prefer more traditional means of locating fish?  Give us your feedback below and provide us with your opinion.


Larry Chandler is a freelance writer that often works with trout fishing guide Kurt Schultz.


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  • Jack

    I think we have a difference in the idea of what a small fee is!

  • Coxesq

    The App is $50! Really? Small fee? I was so excited after I read the article, grabbed my Android phone….and….disappointment. 

  • BS

    No WAY! NOT $50. Blow that some place else!

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