Apr 102012

Wow time sure flies!  The opening day of Southeastern PA’s Trout season was two weekends ago and I still haven’t passed along part 2 of my opening day story!

If you didn’t catch part 1 of the Trout season opener click here

Rock Bass 3-31-2012

This Rock Bass ROCKS!

After catching our limits of Trout in record time, mom and I decided to extend our fishing day and go look for Bass.  The Rock Bass above was caught on the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek.  This was the first spot we visited.  I landed this Rock Bass using my 8wt Sage Bass fly rod (kind of like hunting deer with a bazooka).

The spot I picked on the East Branch is usually chock full of ready and willing fish, unfortunately it was still a little cold for the fish.  Mom was getting bored…

Not wanting to leave one of my favorite fishing holes I pressed on.

Mom kept pestering, “let’s go check out the new spot!”  “This spot sucks, let’s go check out my place.”

Now to be fair, I knew of the mudhole pond Mom wanted to visit but had never fished there.  I researched the place before opening day and while usually stocked with Trout by the township, it was skipped over this year.

I thought to myself, “I don’t want to fish that algae choked, sesspool of a township pond.”

“Let’s go, I wanna go to my spot.”  “Let’s go, Let’s go…”  Like a anxious toddler, Mom bugged me over and over again to check out her new fishing spot.

“OK old bag!”  I muttered (much softer than I intended).  “I heard that!” Replied Mom.

While “old bag” is a term of endearment in my family, I felt bad about not saying it louder.

“OK we’ll check out your fishing spot!” I replied.

 Persistence equals fish.

We arrived at Mom’s spot to greet a few other ragged groups of anglers.  Sitting on pumpkin colored Home Depot buckets, dunking worms, radioactive Powerbait, and gosh knows what else, it was apparent by the looks on their faces that they weren’t catching fish.

Mom decided to throw on a worm and join the crowd.  Sticking with my trusty Panther Martin spinner I decided I’d churn up the water and see if I could find some Bluegills to keep myself occupied.

About an hour into the expedition, I was convinced that this bore of a fishing trip would become a “casting skills challenge” when suddenly…

Largemouth Bass 1 3-31-2012

Oh hello there...

As you can see from the picture above this Largemouth Bass was a little big for my tiny spinner.

15" or so?

It was about 15 inches long and somewhat chunky.  Finding a healthy Largemouth Bass in a little mud hole like this was awesome.  I was shocked and had to find more…

A few of the other fishermen came over to take a look,  “you gonna eat that one?” they asked.  “Sorry guys this one’s too pretty to eat.”  and with a flick of the wrist I quickly returned this beaut back to the mud hole.

Largemouth Bass 3 3-31-2012

Largemouth #2

Working my way around the pond, I happened upon another smaller Largemouth.  These fish were in great health and even though it took some effort to find them I was having a blast.

Mom was still getting skunked in her new spot.  Now that I was two fish up I decided it was a great time to start relentlessly picking on her,  “Hey, do you need some fishing lessons over there?”

We often pick on each other (especially when fishing) and today was Mom’s turn to be on the receiving end.

Largemouth Bass 4 3-31-2012

My 3rd Largemouth Bass had a problem

My third Bass had a bit of a problem.  While I caught this fish on a Senko, the hook sticking out its head wasn’t mine.  This leftover body piercing had to go.  Gently pulling out the proverbial thorn in this Bass’ face, I carefully returned another big fish to the water.  Feeling smug about my good deed I continued to work the shoreline.

Just then something awesome happened…  My rod doubled over!  (here’s where the “fish story” starts)  There was a BIG fish on my line! After a little fight with the monster Mom ran over to see what all the commotion was about.

“I don’t know if I can get him up!”  The steep angle of the water’s edge and abundant vegetation made landing this fish a chore.  I guided my catch over to the side of the pond.  Knowing there was only one way, I gently grabbed my line.

“You can do this!”  Mom yelled.  With a quick and forceful pull that would have made KVD jealous I attempted to throw this 3+ pound bigmouth into the air.

Easily twice the weight of the other large fish I had landed that day, it was instantly apparent that this was a bad idea.  My 8lb Transoptic line strained under the weight of the finned creature.  Lucky for the fish my hook popped out of his mouth and with a large splash the king of the mud hole returned to his kingdom.  I almost cried big boy tears…

“I want to try one of your spinners.”

Completely shocked, I picked out a few spinners and handed them to Mom.

To say Mom could win the Bassmaster Elite with only a can of worms would be an understatement.  The woman is a fishing machine.  (I secretly think she knows how to speak to the fish).

In my almost 25 years of fishing with Mom I can’t say I’ve EVER seen her use a lure.

rainbow trout 5 3-31-2012

They don't make women like this anymore...

Within a span of an hour Mom used my spinner to hook into two nice holdover Rainbow Trout from last year.  What can I say the woman is a fishing MACHINE!

After I scolded her for “lipping” a Trout, we decided to pack it up and call it a day.  On the way out mom hooked into a small Crappie.  Our fishcounts were now tied at 3 each.

What a great day!  I think I’ll be giving “The Mud hole” another look in the near future…

Do you say rude things to your mom while fishing?  Is she ALWAYS right anyway?  Does she out fish you?  Let us know in the comments below!



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