Apr 152012

Yesterday was an amazing day for fishing in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Other than a little wind, the weather was perfect for an eight hour 2012 PA fishing license workout.

I almost went fly fishing with one of my blogger buddies but he was having a rough morning.  My mom and dad were already on the water at Green Lane Reservoir so I decided to grab my spinning rod and join in their fun.

When I arrived at Green Lane Reservoir mom and dad weren’t having any luck. The water was still a little cold so we decided we’d move to a stretch of warmer water below the reservoir known as Deep Creek Dam.

I decided to take mom and dad to one of my favorite places on Deep Creek to see if we could catch a few Smallmouth Bass.

Smallmouth 3 deepcreek 4-14-2012

Deep Creek Smallmouth

I have to keep reminding myself that it is only April and I’m Bass fishing.  Even though Deep Creek is smaller and warmer than the main reservoir, fishing was  still fairly slow.  The Smallmouth Bass above was one of the many smaller fish that we pulled out yesterday.

Smallmouth 2 deepcreek 4-14-2012

Another Smallmouth Bass from Deep Creek

Mom and dad were fishing with worms as usual and were catching some average sized Smallmouth Bass and hand sized Bluegill.

Bluegill Deep creek dam 4-14-2012

One of dad's Bluegills

Mom found herself a quality sized “Striper”.  I keep reminding her that they are called Yellow Perch but hey, if she wants to tell people she caught Stripers at Deep Creek…

Yellow Perch Deep Creek Dam  4-14-2012

Mom's "striper" ehm... Yellow Perch

I had one nice sized Smallmouth Bass for the day.  A little smaller than I’m used to for my spot but still a nice fish.

Smallmouth 1 deepcreek 4-14-2012

My largest Smallmouth of the day

I also hooked into a pretty nice Largemouth Bass.  This fish was as strong as an ox for its size.  Most of the fish we caught from Deep Creek yesterday were very healthy and strong.  This is always good to see in an area that is heavily over fished and constantly cleaned out by people who keep every fish they catch.

Largemouth 1 deepcreek 4-14-2012

Deep Creek Bucketmouth

Here’s a shot of its face…

Largemouth 2 deepcreek 4-14-2012

Ooh look a Bass face...

If you’ve read this far I’ve saved the best for last.  Usually my dad is the fisherman “along for the ride.”  While mom and I are the family fishing addicts, dad sits quietly next to us enjoying nature and catching a few Bluegills here and there.

Yesterday dad stole the show.

dad's carp 4-14-2012

Dad's Carp

Dad caught his first ever Carp.  With a little guidance he was even holding it like a pro!  This was easily the best fish of the day.

My favorite part of fishing with mom and dad is watching them catch big fish.  Although they only use live bait, they usually pull out a few nice fish on every trip and seeing their eyes light up is awesome. (even if the biggest fish isn’t mine)

dad's carp 2 4-14-2012

What a face...

While I didn’t end up fly fishing I had a great time on the water.  And who knows, seeing the nice fish mom and dad pulled out I might just have to go back to using live bait…

Did you get out fishing yesterday?  Catch anything?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Todd Forsyth

    Nice fish.  I have been looking into fishing Deep Creek/Knight Lake, but haven’t gotten around to it.  I heard that flatheads are starting to move up to that area :O

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