Apr 162012

Well since Jeff ditched me last weekend FOR A GIRL (and some fishing) I figure the least I can do is share his report…   Sounds like he had a great time in that shiny lightly used new boat of his.  It also sounds like the fish are biting at Marsh Creek.  He says we’re supposed to fish this weekend but the weatherman says rain…

Jeff:  Well I saw your report…so I figured I would give you mine. Was on the water from 8 until about 330…caught a bunch of short fish from the launch, Willie’s, and Musky cove. Spent the whole day down at the dam end. Ran into a school of perch in the back of Musky cove and it was a blitz…caught the biggest one I have ever caught.

Yellow Perch Marsh Creek lake

Jeff's Perch

Pulling out of there (The wonderful and talented wife I left you at home for) picked up the lunker for the day…

Largemouth Bass Marsh creek pa

Jeff's wife could easily out-fish me...

only female felt like she weighed a pound and a half. Over all great day on the water…with these batteries I can easily run for 8 hours Included are two fish shots and a glamour shot…so you dont forget what I look like haha

Fishing Marsh Creek

Man I miss this guy...

Thanks Jeff for passing along the fishing report and glamour shot.  Although wifey thinks it’s kinda weird, I had Cafe Press make a poster for my wall.  Hopefully the rain holds off next weekend!

Have you been out fishing in PA with your wife?  Catching anything?  Is she outfishing  you?  Let us know in the comments below!



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    Oh ya when she fishes she wins.

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