May 212012

Man eating bears stalk Perkiomen Creek!

Hunting unsuspecting fishermen?!!?   


Not quite… 

bear in schwenksville pa

via my fox philly

Last weekend while I was away there was a black bear running amok in my back yard!

Turns out the previously captured black bear wandered into Montgomery County and decided to take a tour of Skippack, Schwenksville, Whitpain Township, and all parts in between.

So what was the bear doing?

According to Nick, one of the readers of the Perkiomen Patch, the Bear was seen on the Perkiomen Creek behind the Schwenksville fire house.

Rumor also has it that the bear heard about the monster Smallmouth Bass I caught on the Perkiomen Thursday and decided to go fishing in Schwenksville.

No… really.

Thursday morning I spent a few hours fishing the Perkiomen Creek right where the bear was seen.  While I’m not sure of the location of the bear on Thursday, part of me wonders how close I came to meeting a bear on my home turf.

While I’m quite sure I would have needed a change of pants if I ran into this guy on the Perkie, it would have been an adventure of a lifetime!

A bear in rural Montgomery County has a pretty good chance of becoming a menace or getting shot by a local hunter.  I’m not at all surprised that one wandered into our county and quite frankly I’m surprised we don’t see more.

Thanks to the PA game commission for capturing this guy and giving him a ride to Carbon County.

If you’d like to learn more about this bear check out the links below:

Runaway Baby Bear Caught in Montco (Myfoxphilly)
Report: Baby bear caught in Whitpain(The Times Herald)
Reader: Lower Frederick Among Bear-Sighting Spots


Did you see the rogue bear in Montgomery County?  Was he occupying your favorite fishing spot?  Are you a bear looking for fishing tips?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • Theriverdamsel

    I’m sure the bear heard about your fishing “expertise”!!!  And he was probably wanting lunch! (ugh, not you, the fish of course)  Do you own bear spray?  A small can in the backpack might not be a bad idea.

    • I’m sure I’ll get mauled for saying this but over here seeing a unicorn is more likely than seeing a bear.  Unless you go north or west a few hours they are few and far between.
      I’m more scared of rabid fox, raccoon, or stray dogs.  Or strange folk while “off the beaten path”.

      ——– Original message ——–
      Subject: [funcfish] Re: CAUTION! Bears On The Perkiomen Creek

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