May 142012

I tied these two fly patterns up a few weeks back but never posted any pictures.  Take a look and let me know what you think of their Basstastic ability.

Articulated Perch

This fly is made of two hooks and probably leans more towards the Muskie/Pike world but I decided to put together a perch pattern with a whole lot going on.  Maribou, Flashabou, Bunny strips, hackle feathers, Deer Tail, lead eye, mono-weed guards,  this fly has it all.  The only thing it is missing is a nicely tied head…

I haven’t had the sore arm pleasure of throwing this one yet but I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the water.  Depending on the action (and wet weight) I might thin this one out a little bit next time.  Also I think the recipe can be cut back a little for simplicity.

Quick and Dirty Foam Frog

Speaking of Simplicity, this next pattern is what I like to call my quick and dirty foam frog.  While it’s a far cry from some of the high quality fly fishing poppers out there it is a quick, dirty (and need I say cheap), alternative to conventional foam poppers.

Yes I know I tied something like this before but this one is a little easier.

Quick and Dirty Foam Frog fly pattern

  1. Stack and glue craft foam squares to desired body length.
  2. Shape foam block with razor blade (these are quick and dirty foam frogs so no need to be perfect)
  3. Tie mono weed guard to hook bend
  4. Tie in some olive maribou for a tail
  5. Tie in a few hackle feathers for legs/tail
  6. Palmer in a nice bright hackle
  7. Build a little thread on the rest of the hook for body to glue to
  8. Tie off
  9. Make a hole in the foam body, glue hook and slide on.  I prefer this to slitting the body because I like to do things the hard way
  10. Tie off mono weed guard at the eye of the hook (requires starting thread again and hook eye) you may also have to slit the body a bit for the weed guard to bend around
  11. glue on plastic eyes
  12. Style with paint or permanent marker
  13. Coat body with epoxy (If you feel like it)

While it is a far cry from “pretty” popper bodies, this fly’s rough body gives it an almost organic appeal.  If you are convinced that fish aren’t that picky, give this guy a shot.  Experiment, do what seems fun.  Most Largemouth Bass are aggressive enough to bite almost anything.

Do you have a favorite fly for Largemouth Bass or Smallmouth Bass?  Muskie?  Pike?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Dugroa

    I think the head on your fly looks just fine,and while it might seem a touch heavy,I have caught some nice bass when prospecting for pike.I often run a trailer nymph off the rear hook.Best of luck to you.I like your blog as well;nicely done.

    • Thanks for the kind words.  I haven’t had the chance to throw this one yet but once I get a little casting room.

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