May 162012

Ok so I’ll admit this is a filler post of sorts…

We are in the process of cranking out some awesome gear reviews for top notch companies like Sage, St. Croix, Glacier glove, Abu Garcia, Humminbird, Nissan, and yes even Zazzy Pop.

rapala originial floater fishing lure

75 years of winning

We’re a little detail oriented with gear reviews.  We like to give the full story.  Sometimes gear gets abused, broken, or loved so much that we sleep with it at night.  That being said, each and every gear review on The Functioning Fishaholics is a  handcrafted work of art.

elk ridge hunting knife review

Elk Ridge

As we prepare to unleash more epic  fishing gear reviews, please take a moment to review some of the other great reviews that have been Published on The Functioning Fishaholics:

Elk Ridge 5″ fixed blade knife


Bill ShullJr. from Tight Lines Fly Fishing


Berkley Trilene TransOptic monofilament


Sufix 832 Advanced Superline


Rapala Original Floater


Ardent Reel Kleen Kit


Frabill Bro Ice Fishing Combo Rod


Book:  Facts of Fishing 135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You to know by Dave Mercer with Terry Battisti


Flambeau Soft Sided Tackle Bag


Are you a manufacturer of outdoor gear?  Are you looking to have your gear abused fairly reviewed?  Readers, are you interested in seeing The Functioning Fishaholics review a specific piece of gear before you buy it?  Let us know in the comments below!


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