May 062012

Last Sunday Jeff and I had what I’m going to call our best outing on Marsh Creek Lake.

picture of a largemouth bass at marsh creek lake chester county pa

One Largemouth Bass the Muskies didn't eat.

The day started off cool and slow as we worked our way around the the lake.  Water temperatures were hovering around 58* and Jeff was a little worried that the cool rain earlier in the week would make the day’s fishing difficult.

I landed the fist largemouth bass

The day's first Largemouth

The healthy bruiser above was the first catch of the day.  I landed this fish on a 3″ Senko.

Marsh Creek Lake has a healthy population of Largemouth Bass.  Contrary to popular belief, the stocked Muskie aren’t eating all of them.

In fact, most of the fishermen I saw on this trip were out looking for Muskie.  Known as the “fish of 1000 casts”, Muskie usually require a lot of effort (and lures that look like dog toys).

My theory is this:

More Muskie fishermen: Less pressure on Bass.
Hungry Muskie: Less small Bluegill and other panfish: Less little guys to eat Largemouth eggs.

marsh creek largemouth aren't being eaten by muskie

Jeff's first Largemouth of the day

As captain of our vessel, Jeff found his fair share of bass on this trip.  Jeff called two things perfectly on this trip.  His first prediction, “The bass won’t turn on until the water temperature hits 60*” was spot on.  As soon as we hit some warmer water the Largemouth Bass started getting very active

hitting structure produces bass on Marsh Creek

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Jeff’s second prediction (or pattern) for the day was pinpoint casting into shadows along the bank.  This one was easy to buy into, it was really sunny, Largemouth Bass don’t have eyelids…   Seems logical…  We fired finesse baits into the shadows like stealthy ninja snipers…

For a couple of amateurs we were throwing baits up and under heavy cover with very few hangups.  Most of the time if we hit our mark there would be a fish waiting in the shadows.

Jeff uses this pose for 90% of his hero shots...

After trying out a specific (and possibly over hyped) bait I think I came down with some kind of curse.  You can read all about it in our next post but let’s just say I lost 3 really nice fish.

A healthy Marsh Creek bucketmouth

Another healthy Marsh Creek bucketmouth

As usual, Marsh Creek Lake was a wind tunnel.  No lie, there was even some sort of sailing event in the middle of the lake.  As we puttered around with the trolling motor there were times when the wind blew so hard the boat would come to a standstill even at full power.  I think I’ll bring a sail next time…

Jeff caught the Largemouth Bass of the day

Largemouth Bass of the day

Not sure when this one came to the boat but out of all of the fish that actually made it to the boat, this was hands down the lunker of the day.

Have you been fishing lately in PA?  Are you thinking of adding a sail to your bass boat?  Let us know in the comments below!



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