May 302012

So if you haven’t yet purchased Zazzy Pop poppers: “The world’s strongest fly popper”. I’ll give you a couple more reasons.

I went out to my secret spot last Monday for a few hours of bug slinging.  This spot has very limited shore access and the weeds along the shoreline were extremely thick.

Since I had success with the Zazzy Pop poppers on my first attempt with them I figured I’d try throwing these bugs inbetween the openings in the weeds and see if anything was active.

Big ol' Bluegill

On the 2nd or 3rd cast I hooked into this chunker.  I originally thought it was a Largemouth Bass by the weight on my rod.  Pulling this guy though the weeds wasn’t fun and I was extremely glad I upped my tippet to 8lb mono.


I'll take an 8" Bluegill any day of the week

Since the fish was a brute I decided to break out the measuring tape 8″ .  Not bad for a small pond!

My second fish

After finding a tick crawling around on me I decided to move from my first spot.  A few casts in I found another nice sized Bluegill.  I noticed a few nesting fish closer to shore and although they “are only Bluegills” I threw my line out far to try and avoid their nests as much as possible.

A few misses, lots of weeds, ticks, and hungry baby turtles, I decided to end this trip early.  Two nice bluegill were enough action for my evening.


Did you get out fishing on Memorial day?  Catch anything?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Owl

    Whoa! I think that’s a #1 popper, too! That was one hungry bluegill! 

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