May 262012


4am…  UGH…

The fishing addiction is still alive and well…

This morning I woke up at 4am to go fishing.  This fishing involved driving an hour and a half…  Did I mention the roads were almost 100% fog the whole way?

Was it worth it?  YES.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 1

Jeff's first Octoraro Largemouth

After making it to the boat a little late (sorry Jeff), we were on the water by 6:30am.  Jeff hooked into the first fish above near some submerged wood.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 2

Another for Jeff

As we worked our way around Octoraro Reservoir Jeff picked up another off of some riprap along the shore.  I hooked into a small bluegill in that location but no Largemouth Bass.

Octoraro bluegill 5-26-2012 3

A pig of a Bluegill

As we continued around the lake (and into muddier waters) the fishing started to slow.  I wasn’t having any luck on the Bass front but I did hook into a nice Bluegill.  It’s hard to tell from the picture due to my massive man hands but this Bluegill was HUGE.  Thinking back, I’m not even sure I’ve ever lipped a Bluegill before…

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 3

My luck changed

At about 9:30am my luck changed.  After working my way through various baits (and striking out big time), I decided I’d stick to my old standby, the senko.  I decided on black as my color due to the lack of water clarity.   This Largemouth was holding tight to a recently fallen tree.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 4

Beautiful colors on this Largemouth Bass

As we moved to the far side of the lake things started heating up.  After some long an hard casting practice, we hit a stretch of water that held some active fish.  The Largemouth Bass above was almost black in color and looked awesome.

Octoraro bluegill 5-26-2012 4

An even larger bluegill!??

Again, sorry for the huge mantastic man hands…  This was the largest Bluegill of the day.   I’d guess it to be about 9″+ long.  It’s not often that I’m happy catching Bluegill but this guy fought like a Bass 3x the size.  What a beautiful fish!

Another nice Octoraro Largemouth Bass

Another nice Octoraro Largemouth

This was the first time in almost two years that Jeff and I have fished Octoraro Reservoir.  We joked about how last time we almost got skunked trying to throw Rapala original floaters topwater the whole time.

Even though we each keyed in to our favorite baits on this outing, we knew that our skill as anglers was much stronger.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 6

Less drag, more fish

On our last trip to Marsh Creek, I experienced a few break offs and determined my drag has been set too tight.

On this trip I learned to turn down my drag.

Although the fishing was somewhat slow, I made sure the fish I hooked into made it back to the boat.  While it may take a little longer to land the fish,  at least I know that I’m not breaking the fish off and leaving a hook in its face.

Driving 3 hours, operating on 4 hours of sleep, catching a bunch of fish…  What a Saturday!

For more info on Octoraro Reservoir check out: Jims’s Bait & Tackle

Did you go out fishing today?  Catch anything?  Let us know in the comments below!




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  • zeebra

    I’m taking my wife and 2 year old tomorrow–we just moved to Lancaster Co. in December from VA Beach–glad to know they have some fish in there!

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