May 222012

File this one under first impressions:

I never thought I’d be able to justify purchasing a “name brand” spinning rod.  I’ve made it almost 20 years into my fishing ‘career’ with run of the mill, average, fishing rods.  Sure I’ve spent some cash on fly rods, but when it comes to spinning rods I always had the impression that any ol’ ugly stik’ would do.

I owe it to Cabela’s for easing me into the world of name brand spinning rods…  After some customer service magic, the G. Loomis GL2 spinning rod was within my budget.

G. loomis gl2 rod arrives in a cardboard tube


A few days after ordering my G. Loomis GL2 Jig and Worm spinning rod, I received a HUGE cardboard tube in the mail.  I purchased the 852S model, which is a one piece 7’1″ rod.  Easily the largest spinning rod I own, one piece construction means they needed an almost 8′ long shipping tube.  AWESOME.


G. Loomis GL2 852S JWR

G. Loomis GL2 852S JWR

A weight range of 1/8-3/8oz is the perfect range for finesse jigging, worms, and even spinners.  My favorite bait is a 3″ senko and this rod is a senko sniper rifle.

Who needs words?  Jig and worm rod pictures!

Who needs words?

Words can’t describe how cool this rod is.  Lucky for me there’s pictures!  On the butt of this rod there is a picture of a jig and worm mating.  While I’m not sure I want to see the offspring of these two baits, the image is a clever accent that also helps identify the rod.  This will come in handy when I purchase the whole line of these rods (:

slender curves on the GL2 spinning rod

Slender curves

Sir Mix-A-Lot may like em big, however the flat sides on this little butt are for comfort.  This is easily my favorite feature of the rod.  As a fat guy who carries too much gear in his fishing vest,  the extra 1″ these flat sides give me translate into pure bliss on the water.  I will be buying more rods with this feature in the future.

G. Loomis GL2 spinning rod grips

GL2 grips

While nothing over the top, the grips on the G. Loomis GL2 spinning rod are comfortable.  For some strange reason (maybe because I love this rod) I happened to sniff the rod grips while out on the water.  The cork smelled pleasant…  Like Vanilla…  Most likely unintentional, it still made me smile.

G. Loomis rod guides


The guides on this rod are a great match and seem strong.  While hard to see in my photos, the color of this rod is a dark brown.  The wraps have copper accents, and overall the earthy colors are a great fit for a subtle, yet strong instrument of surgical, fishy, destruction.

So how does it fish?

I only got a few hours with this rod in very muddy water.  The Perkiomen Creek can be hard fishing especially after  a good rain.  I managed one fish…

smallmouth bass on the G. Loomis GL2 spinning rod


What a perfect start for my new favorite rod!  I found this piggy with the help of an inline spinner.  Being a very light (yet strong) rod I had little trouble landing this pig.

The rod’s sensitivity allows you to feel every bump on the bottom.  When this fish hit it was like a shot of lightening mixed with adrenaline. My arm is still tingling.  I’m excited to catch more fish on this rod.  Even bluegills should be a blast!

Brand new these rods will run $195.  Compared to the price of other rods by G. Loomis the GL2 series is a great mix of  value and performance.  If you are looking to get into a name brand rod give the GL2 a try!

If you are interested in buying one of these rods or learning more, please follow my Amazon link below:
G Loomis GL2 Jig & Worm Spinning Rod (7’1″ Medium / X-Fast) – GL2 852S JWR

 Have you tried out the G. Loomis GL2 rod series yet?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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