Jun 152012

Do you love fishing?  Do you love Twitter?  How bout Cabela’s?

Well even if you just kinda like Twitter, here’s your chance to win a $20 Cabela’s gift card.

What’s that???!!!?

Yes, you read that right a $20 Cabela’s gift card could be yours!

Here is the ridiculously simple rules:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @funcfish
  2. Send out a tweet that includes the #2020for20 hash tag.  (Ex: Here’s a tweet!  #2020for20 now give me my money!)

Once we hit 2020 followers we’ll draw one random winner from everyone that used the tag.  Even if you already follow us you can take part in the contest!

Here’s the fine print:  This is our first contest.  We will try our best not to screw up.  We will do our best to ensure this contest is fair and a random winner is drawn.  If you don’t reply to our attempts to contact you after winning someone else will be drawn.  We reserve the right to screw up or modify the rules if need be.  Good luck everyone!



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