Jun 292012

For those of you who enjoy a GIANT glass of wine when you camp, I thought I’d present you with the perfect cabin…

Ooh… That came from a hearty bottle!

What you see above isn’t a giant dog turd or alien spaceship, it’s a CABIN!  This outdoor living “vessel” is made from cork!

Here’s a picture that shows a little more of the inner workings of this innovative shelter.

Translation: “This is one awesome tent”


File this one under “pack and play”


If you’d like to see more off this “un-stopperable” cork cabin head on over to http://www.dideia.com.

Would you sleep in a cork bungalow?  Do you think this thing could double as a Bass boat?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • owl

    That’s actually a pretty cool idea!

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