Jul 252012

In case you missed it we’ve had a little contest going on over on “The Twitter”.

In order to buy as many followers as possible try to break the 2000 follower mark we decided to hold a little contest to reward the awesome outdoors folks who pay attention to our 140 character ramblings.

The contest rules were simple:

  • Follow @funcfish
  • Include the hash tag #2020for20 in a tweet

It took a little over a month to gain 100 new followers.  We had 30 people in total who entered in the contest.

So who was the winner?

Using a random number generator, lucky #17 was selected.  This number belonged John M. from Ohio aka @mcg52 on Twitter.  Congratulations John!

Thanks to everyone for playing.  Breaking the 2000 follower mark on Twitter has been on our bucket list for a while now.  It’s amazing to have found so many people who love the outdoors!


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