Jul 222012

How could you not love a glove built for stripping and fighting? I mean, when you’re on stage and the dollar bills are flying everywhere, you need something to protect your hands right?…

Ehm… Let me back that up…  This IS a (somewhat) family friendly FISHING website after all!


For FISHING use only

Today’s review is brought to you by Glacier Glove.  I have to admit, when I hear the name “Glacier Glove” I immediately think of a rugged product made for ice climbing, or crab fishing in Alaska.

When I was approached for this review it was nearing the end of spring and I feared that I’d be reviewing a cold weather glove in the beginning of Summer.  To my delight I was introduced to the Glacier Glove 50+ UPF Stripping / Fighting  glove.  A product perfect for hardcore Summer and year-round fishing.

Lightweight fishing gloves perfect for Summer

Lightweight fishing gloves with 50+ UPF sun protection – perfect for Summer

Initial thoughts:

My experience with fishing gloves prior to these stripping/fighting gloves consists of thick uncomfortable neoprene gloves purchased from Walmart.  Immediately upon opening these Glacier Gloves I could tell I was dealing with a different class of product.

“Wow is this silk?”

The material on the back of these gloves has an elegant, silky, almost rubber like texture.  As I stood in my kitchen opening the package I could hardly complete my visual examination before I HAD to try them on.

As a big guy with big hands, finding gloves that fit and are comfortable is something I’m not used to.  With hands measuring 8 1/2″ long by 4″ wide, I was pleased to see size XL Glacier Gloves were a perfect fit.

With a synthetic leather palm fitted with black gripping pads these gloves have enough traction to hold the slimiest fish.

Glacier glove stripping / fighting gloves work great as driving gloves!

Or steering wheels

Ok, Ok, I know these are FISHING gloves not DRIVING gloves but on my first trip with these gloves I had to give it a try.  (by the way they performed flawlessly)

How do they fish?

My first experience with Glacier Glove’s fighting / stripping gloves was in the beginning of April.  In Pennsylvania fishing in early Spring can be a challenge weather wise.  In the morning it’s cold, in the afternoon it’s hot, at times there is even sunburn.  On this particular morning it was early and quite cold.  I was wearing a fleece but my hands were getting pretty chilly.  I decided to don the Glacier “sun gloves” and see if they could help warm me up.

Comfortable but not too warm

With just the right amount of warmth I noticed my hands stopped cramping.  As the day warmed up I also noticed that I had to take off my fleece but my gloved hands stayed a perfect temperature.

Using my glacier gloves on opening day of trout season

Glacier Glove Grabbing a stocked Rainbow Trout

These gloves have an amazing amount of grip.  Stocked Rainbow trout can be quite wiggly and slimy but these gloves made them stick like glue to my hands.  (As a side note: This fish was being kept to eat.  If you are catch and release fishing please keep fabric away from the fish’s  skin so you don’t damage their delicate slimy surface.)

Glacier gloves holding a largemouth bass

Perfect for Bigmouth Bass too!

With a product like gloves you need to take your time and give them a thorough beating.  As far as quality goes, the Glacier Glove stripping / fighting gloves  are both strong and durable in the field.  They are built well and should last for many seasons.

In the beginning of this Summer I took a trip to Cape May New Jersey and tried surf fishing for the first time.  Lobbing heavy lures with braided line quickly destroyed the skin on my casting finger.  Remembering I had my Glacier Gloves in my bag, I quickly put them on and was able to at my wife’s dismay continue fishing for HOURS.

Were there any cons?

If you have never fished with gloves before they will take some getting used to.  Luckily, these stripping / fighting gloves are fairly thin and easy to get used to.

Smell.  If you are fortunate enough to catch fish while using these (or any) gloves, I would recommend washing them when you get home.  I forgot to do this after one trip and let’s just say I learned my lesson…

Overall impressions:

Overall I don’t think you’ll find a better lightweight fishing glove on the market.  These gloves are great for fly fishing and convectional fishing.  They should also get you through some mildly cold situations.  The Glacier Glove Stripping / Fighting Gloves do a great job at protecting your hands from braid, sun, and occasional hooks.  At $29.99 they are a fantastic piece of fishing apparel!

Disclaimer:  These gloves were provided to us for purpose of review.  That being said, if we break them we would buy another pair.  If you’d like a pair of your own click our affiliate link here.



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