Jul 232012

Mom and I went to Lake Nockamixon Saturday afternoon to see if we could find some fish…

The rest of this post may come across as “a negative fishing experience” so if you aren’t into that kinda thing please skip it.


A cool beautiful day on lake nockamixon

A cool beautiful day

It was a cool and beautiful day on Lake Nockamixon.  Over the past few weeks the temperatures have been extreme.  It was nice to finally be able to fish comfortably again.  I decided to give Nockamixon a try since it is a little deeper and cooler than much of our other local water.

Nockamixon Catfish

Mom pulls up a Catfish

Mom was fishing like a champ with worms.  She pulled up this Catfish within the first few casts.  I had a few bites here and there on lures but for the most part I wasn’t having much luck.

We started out on the Fishing Pier at Lake Nockamixon.  Bad move.  Everyone else fishes here.

Everyone…  Especially a guy in a gray truck with a green stripe.  Although the lack of paint on his tailgate was notable what really stood out was is impecable taste in music.  This “gentleman” was kind enough to blare one of my favorite bands Nickelback loud enough for the whole fishing pier to hear.

Looking back at it I’m not sure he was even fishing.  Yep…  Pretty sure he sat in the truck playing the whole Nickelback album for multiple hours on end.  Every now and then my heart would leap in joy as the music stopped and he started his truck.

Not sure what he was doing but he didn’t leave…  If I was a betting man I’d wager that him and the unruly children chucking rocks had been sent by satin himself to torture me.


  • Kids throwing rocks into the fishing hole
  • Dude blaring Nickelback for hours

After throwing large rocks at pedestrians near by and breaking a few truck windows mom and I eventually decided to try another spot.

Not like it mattered.

Most of Nockamixon’s accessible shoreline is featureless.  I threw cast after cast with only slight interest from the Sunfish.

After hours of fail with lures I finally broke down.  I borrowed a hook and some worms from mom and decided to catch Sunfish after Sunfish until all of her bait was gone.

I guess I’m spoiled.  I guess I’ve gotten too used to mom and I catching big fish every time we go out.  That being said, I have a new personal rule that I hope to never break again:

NEVER fish a large featureless lake shoreline again.  In fact…  Never fish a lake without a boat.

There.  I’ve said what had to be said.  If you like Nickelback please go to their fan-site and stop reading about fishing NOW!

How’s fishing in your neck of the woods?  Do you like horrible music and rock throwing children?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Todd Forsyth

    The Nock is pretty tough without a boat. Heck, even with a boat a 3 fish day is great. Which means I have had 0 great days there. The pier always has those types of guys on it, especially on weekends. But, there is the possibility to pull out some big fish including stripers, walleye and channels. There is no shame in submitting to panfishing when the big ones don’t want to play.

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