Sep 032012

Ok so I mostly relied on spell check…  J is for Jalapeno.  J is also for Jalapeno jelly.  Unfortunately J isn’t for fishing…  Consider this post OFF TOPIC.

Over the past few years Wifey and I have learned how to craft a fine food.  A jelly, made from peppers.

It was nice knowing you peppers…

When I say jelly I mean jelly…  Imagine, if you will…  grape jelly…  now take out the grape and add spicy jalapeno flavor.

Ooh pepper guts…

If you’ve ever done canning to make your own jelly you know a lot of sugar is involved.  For those un-initiated…


6 cups of glorious sugar go into about 7 or 8 jars of this stuff.  Diabetics beware!


This is the business end of jalapeno jelly…  Wifey dumps pepper guts, sugar, and some other random stuff into a big pot.  This all cooks for a while.

Oh… I see that someone is doing some canning…

At this stage of the game you’ll want to open all of the windows.  Boiling down peppers over a stove is EXTREME!  What boils off can only be compaired to getting blasted in the face with pepper spray.  Consider yourself warned.

1 Batch down

If you’ve never heard of the term “canning” it basically involves placing something in a mason jar, affixing a special sealed lid to the top and boiling the crap out of it to kill any bad germs.  When you are done you have the provincial equivalent of canned goods.

What to do with leftover peppers?

After making two batches of jalapeno jelly we had some leftover peppers.  Some cream cheese, Colby jack, and pepperoni and BAM!  You got poppers!

Home made jalapeno poppers

If the breading on these looks a little odd it’s because I did it.  After eating these I’ll tell you that organic peppers that are baked instead of fried have A LOT more heat than your standard appatizer level poppers.  These made a great dinner but I have a feeling I’ll be regretting it later…


Anyway do you like seeing stories about food here?  Let us know in the comment section below!



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  • John Cummings

    Lovin it Matt. What do you put jalapeno jelly on? Think adding food “”how to” type is a good addition. For me anyway.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      It is usually eaten with cream cheese on crackers.

  • I’ve only had it once but I love jalapeno jelly. I especially liked it with shrimp.

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