Dec 292012

No excuses here but lately there have been a few life changes that have put The Functioning Fishaholics in the back seat.  These changes are all positive and I’ll write about them soon but until then…

I just bought some fly tying materials from J. Stockard.

J. Stockard fly fishing supplies

Ooh lookie here bird parts!

I received a $25 J. Stockard gift certificate almost a year ago from an awesome fisherman and artist and finally decided to make my purchase (plus a few other self funded items I needed).

Overall J. Stockard has a nice selection of fly tying materials.  I thought their prices were actually a little better than what I’ve seen at shows lately.  SO CHECK EM OUT!

Now I’m just hoping I can just find some time for fly tying!

Here are some things I’d like to do this month:

  • FISH
  • Deliver my life changing good news
  • Write a review for the Hoorag
  • Write a review for Mystery Tacklebox
  • Tie some flies!

Hope this holiday season has left you and yours with only good news.

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  • Look who’s back from the dead. Nice feathers. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were a Mummer. P.S. Let me know if we’re going to Somerset again this year…a’ight?

  • Kevin Frank

    I just got into Jstockard this year after suggestions from friends. I’ve been really happy with their products. When I look for tying stuff I check there first. Allen Fly fishing has some good deals on hooks and beads too.

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