Jun 222013

For those who haven’t been catching the hints on Twitter and Google+  I’m expecting my first child to be born any day now (seriously, sometime this week).

Here's a shot of the wigglepuss a few months back

Here’s a shot of the wigglepuss a few months back

That being said, time for anything these days is at a premium.  Quite honestly, when I have time away from work and wifey, I’m on the water…  and I’m not writing much about it.

Lucky for us there are some amazing folks out there who are eager to share their stories on the site.

The first guest post in this series is by a man named Clayton Will.  Clayton has an awesome YouTube channel you must check out after reading this.

A post by: Clayton Will

Fishing is a great sport that can be shared with friends and family. With all the bad things  you hear of these days fishing is a positive and exciting option. I never stop learning or trying out new lures, baits and methods.

A Nice Crappie

A Nice Crappie

Over the years I have migrated from one fish to another as my target species and find that I’m glad to have had those great experiences.

When taking kids fishing the key to a good day is keep it simple. Go for panfish or bass that can be readily caught. Plan ahead and know where the fish are biting. Use rods and reels suitable for kids and take the time for a little instruction. A few minutes in the yard with a casting weight and a coffee can saves a lot of frustration when the hook is on the line.

Pick up a bit of trash on the way out and teach some good sportsmanship with catch and release. Point out a few different water plants or birds to make them aware of our great resources.

But mainly, just have fun!

Do you have a story or video you’d like to share on The Functioning Fishaholics?  Drop us a line on the contact page and let us know!



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