Sep 142015

March 19, 2011.  The day we were to scared to keep sailing…

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty sure I already told this story but the video never made the light of day.  It was cold, it was abnormally windy, and the waves were a little much for us.  We decided to ground the 16′ Aluminum canoe from the 1950’s about 1/2 mi from the launch at Marsh Creek instead of paddling back across the entire lake.  Since the canoe weighed a ton we fashioned shoulder harnesses from our PFDs and made the portage.  Jeff had to hitch a ride to the other side of the lake to grab our car.

Moral of the story.  If the water is cold and conditions get too rough it’s better to take the hard road.  Real glad we didn’t take a swim that day!

Had a scare on the water?  Let us know in the comments below!

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