1. Please view all things on Functioning Fishaholics as our personal opinion and/or satire.
  2. The creators of this blog may be paid via financial gain or product.  In good faith we will do our best to let you know when we received something for free or were paid.  (Heck we’d like to help you get paid too!)  Our page is ad supported but is a labor of love first and foremost.  If the chance for “Bait or Boat money” comes along and we feel the compensation meets our strict ethical code we will take it!
  3. Take all of our advice with a grain of salt.  While we would love to chuck our real world careers and become professional fishermen we have bills to pay and day to day jobs.  We are not professional fishermen and for the time being this is a hobby.  Please fact check us and let us know if we screw up.  Fishing is an ART there are many ways to fish and methods can always be improved!
  4. Copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property.  Our site is most likely using your content for a review or how-to which hopefully helps you sell your product in the long run.  We do our best to vet all of our sources and go out of our way not to reproduce or steal anyone’s hard work.  The mission of Functioning Fishaholics is to contribute to the fishing community.  If you feel that we have used something of yours unfairly please let us know.  If you are fair with us we will make sure our readers know and we will also try to go out of our way to promote your brand.
  5. Comments and communication:  All comments are verified via email.  Functioning Fishaholics has a strict “do not feed the trolls” policy.  If you are mean, rude, crude or just downright evil we may delete your comments.  We won’t reply, get into an argument or anything like that to justify your existence.  In some rare cases where trollish humor is evident we may point the humor out and keep the comment in the name of good times and stupidity.  In no way are any of the comments on this site protected by free speech.  You are in our boat now… we write the rules and have the final say on all content!
  6. Things change.  We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.  If you have any questions about this disclaimer or suggestions about how it can be improved please let us know!
  7. Although our logo includes a beer can, BOATING AND BEER DON’T MIX!  Besides being down right unsafe it can also cost you a small fortune in fines.  Be careful and safe while on the water and remember drunks suck at swimming!
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