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Apr 062011

Just in case you haven’t gotten around to it yet.  You can purchase your 2011 Pennsylvania fishing license online.  The process is quick and painless and you can even print the license at home!

image of the PA fish and boat comission website

PA Fish and boat site

Head on over to and choose the “purchase with a credit card” option.  In under a minute you’ll be printing out your very own 2011 PA fishing license!

I also suggest browsing around on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s website.  With a little digging you can find detailed field reports from biologists as well as fishermen in the field.  They even have interactive maps to help you locate new fishing spots.

I can’t say enough good things about the PA Fish and Boat website.  They have a mountain of great info!  It’s the first place I look when I’m trying to plan for a trip on some new water.

Have you visited before?  Are you planning a Pennsylvania fishing trip of a lifetime?  Let us know in the comments below!


Apr 052011

Last Saturday April fourth was the regional opening day for Trout season in south eastern Pennsylvania.  It was a gorgeous day and for the first time that I can remember, it wasn’t raining and the streams weren’t even that high.  Conditions were ripe for catching beautiful and sometimes naive stocked rainbow trout.

Pic of Pennsylvania trout season opening days

via PA Fish and boat (more info)

7:30am –

Mom and I started our adventure at Skippack Creek near Evansburg PA.

picture of a welcome to skippack township sign

Welcome to Skippack

Anyone from Montgomery County Pennsylvania and probably the rest of the state can tell you, the opening day of trout season is a dude-fest.   Way too many people on skinny water.  In all fairness, everyone there was as excited as I was to be fishing for trout in Skippack Creek again.  For those of you not familiar with PA’s “approved trout water” they close the season during the month of march to stock the streams and allow the trout to settle in.  Most PA fishermen aren’t aware that they can fish non-“approved trout water” all year long so opening day is the first time since fall that most of these guys have had a chance to fish.

Lots of cars at opening day of trout season

Lots of cars

As you can see from the picture above and the following picture the place was packed.

another full parking lot at the trout season opener at Skippack creek

Lots of cars, few fish

There were lots of people but very little fish.  We fished up and down a two mile stretch of the creek, shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.  I didn’t see many people pulling Rainbow Trout from the water.  After a lot of walking and a little fishing we decided to pack it up and head for another stream.  Little did we know the crowds at Skippack Creek would be the rule rather than the exception for PA’s regional trout season opener.

11:00am –

We arrived at Unami Creek.  The mixture of deep water pockets and underwater caves formed by the stream flowing around massive boulders makes Unami Creek a great place to stock trout.

picture of unami creek

Unami Creek ROCKS!

I love Unami Creek.  A large part of my childhood was spent fishing the banks of this creek.  It was kinda sad but on opening day there was absolutely no parking.  I saw what appeared to be a few trout on stringers that people were carrying around near the water so someone was catching Rainbow Trout, unfortunately on this day, it was not me.

12:30pm –

At this point I was getting a little uncomfortable.  Four hours into opening day and not even a bite.  It didn’t help that this dude was shooting me twitter messages about how he was rocking em’ out with gold spinners and had already caught his limt!

I made the call to try a new body of water.  There is a creek that feeds into Green Lane Reservoir that is also stocked.  On the maps it’s listed as the Perkiomen Creek however I’m not sure if it’s known as the north, south, east, or west branch…

Picture of a bridge crossing the Perkiomen Creek

Found this nice spot on the Perkiomen Creek

Never having fished this water before, I took a look at the gps and pointed my car towards the creek.  I found this spot by chance and not only was it not crowded but the pool I tried fishing at under the bridge was deep and clear.  I thought this would surely bring forth some trout.

2:30pm –

OK so I know two hours isn’t a lot of time to give a new spot but we didn’t see any action on the water, no one was catching (or had) trout, and I was beginning to wonder if the lack of people at this spot meant that it wasn’t stocked.  While I’m all about coming back to this spot when the water warms up, today this wasn’t the place.

3:00pm –

Mom decides to make the call.  “Matt I know they privately stock XXXXXXX why don’t we go there?”  Now I’m not naming the spot because it can’t support all of the attention, but I will finish telling the story of opening day.

I didn’t want to fish “spot X”.  Let’s just say it’s one of those places where you take the kids to play and try to sneak in a few casts while little Jimmy hangs out on the monkey bars.  If anyone saw me trying to be a serious angler at this place they would have a pretty good laugh.  (I’m also laughing at the idea of me being serious about anything)

There is one thing I’ve learned in my life.  Mom has a keen understanding of fish.  She’s always out fished me and she’s always right.  Reluctantly, I swallowed my big boy angler pride and went along with her plan to fish “spot X”.

my frist rainbow trout of the day

Is that a fish?

Mom is a genius.  The spot was a little crowded but everyone fishing there was pulling out Rainbow Trout every five to ten minutes.  It was insane!  The crowd was low because everyone was catching their limit and going home!

Funny thing about fishing pride…  The fish can smell it.  As I tried to be a snobby angler and cast my spinners over and over again everyone else was hammering trout left and right on power bait…  At this point mom had two trout and I was still skunked.

rainbow trout powerbait

powerbait aka trout crack

After swallowing my pride once again, I slopped some powerbait goop on a hook.  I hate this gooey fish smelling stuff!  Makes me feel like I’m fishing for catfish rather than beautiful graceful rainbow trout.  But hey whatever, on opening day anything goes.

our stringers of opening day rainbow trout

Mom and I caught fish

Now I usually practice catch and release but on opening day I view Rainbow Trout as an invasive species.  I know there isn’t enough food to support their numbers, the water will eventually get hot and yea…  Putting stocked trout in my belly saves them from overheating or starving later on down the line.  The six fish above were all we caught that day but for an hour and a half of fishing at one spot I’m happy!

4:30 – Went home

With a smile on my face!


Did you fish Pennsylvania’s regional Trout Season Opener?  Are you still waiting until April 15 to fish the other half of the state?  Let us know in the comments below!

Apr 032011

I got a chance to hang out with some really good friends last night.  While I didn’t want to have a traditional “birthday party” they still made sure to get me this “non-birthday cake”.

Picture of a fisherman's birthday cake

Best Cake EVER!

These Amazing friends do not fish but I think they understand (and support) my sickness.  This has to be the best birthday cake I’ve ever had.

Sorry mom the Gobots cake you made for my 10th birthday is now in 2nd place.


Have you ever had non-fisher-people do something completely awesome and fishing related for you?  Let us know in the comments section below!


Apr 022011

Blogging with my phone here in bed.  Less than 2 hours until us folks in SE PA can start fishing approved trout water.

My big question of the day is what tactic should I use to land those sweet, stocked, rainbow trout?

Will it be bait,  spinner, or fly?   Choices choices!

picture of Berkley Powerbait

Tower of Power Bait

Picture of Spinners and misc. tackle

Will I be rockin' spinners?

picture of fly should I use flies for trout on opening day?

Flies on on opening day?


See you on the water.

Apr 012011

WHAT!?!  Yes that’s right, APRIL FOOLS!

Angry Birds AND Anger Management

Angry Birds AND Anger Management

Come on folks?  Do you honestly think I would give up fishing for a video game? (Ok there was Modern Warfare 2).  It was fun for a day but I’m afraid that “Angry Birds AND Anger Management” had a very short run.  Perhaps I’ll float the website idea by Owl Jones and see if he wants to start up another website for it.  I’m sure it would be another great addition to his portfolio.

With all due respect to the wonderful team over at Rovio (who makes killer, awesome, addictive games) the day is almost over and I can’t wait to place the ol’ beer drinking fishy back at the top of this page…

In case you missed today’s prank here are some highlights.

angry birds homepage prank

A new funcfish homepage

April fools day has become an internet phenomenon.  It’s becoming a standard practice for websites to use this day to play around with their readers and have a little fun.  Since we outdoorsy types enjoy a good laugh, I thought I’d stir up the pot a bit and see if I could get people to scratch their heads a little.

The prank started with a new logo and background design for the homepage with a post about how Angry Birds has replaced my passion for fishing; from there it quickly escalated.

Twitter profile

Twitter profile pic

Many messages throughout the previous night were posted to twitter mentioning Angry Birds and how awesome it is.  I even had some of my regular Twitter fishing pals talking about their love for Angry Birds out in the open.  The plushie pic on the profile was just icing on the cake.

Facebook personal profile

But of course I had to take it a step further and spread the love to Facebook.  The pic above is my personal profile with a picture from Think Geek of a gentleman hugging an Angry Birds plushie.

April fools facebook page

Facebook page with pics

Above is the Functioning Fishaholics Facebook fan page all decked out with the “Angry Birds AND Anger Management” logo as well as some awesome Angry Birds pictures I found online.  The profile change also sparked some discussion on Facebook about the awesomeness of Angry Birds Rio.

Even @angrybirdsmovie got in on the fun

Even @angrybirdsmovie got in on the fun

As you can see this campaign of April Tom-foolsary even drew in a bona fide random Angry Birds Twitter fan comment!

All in all the prank was a blast!  I even was able to trick one of our very own Functioning Fishaholics.  Kris a.k.a. the massive Crappie slayer was even fooled into thinking I had begun a new obsession and given up fishing!

What a great way to end a long week.  I hope all of you in South Eastern PA are going to take advantage of the early Trout season opener tomorrow.

I’m going to wrap this up, clean this up, and get ready for an awesome day of fishing tomorrow with Mom on the BEAUTIFUL and mighty Skippack Creek!

Did you enjoy our little April Fools prank?  Even if you didn’t, leave us a comment below!



Mar 312011

PLEASE pay special attention to this post as it contains a very important announcement! Ever wanted to take out pigs or crazy little monkeys with a slingshot?  Yea I thought you did.  Imagine having the ability to fling a bird 300 yards and collapse a whole fricking building right on the head of an annoying little, egg stealing, pig!  Impressed? yea me too!

Slingshot, made (a little too fast) by spanish...

Image via Wikipedia

I’m glad you’ve read this far because I want to share with you one of my newist passions.  The game is called Angry Birds!  Ya see the birds are angry because the pigs and monkies keep stealing their eggs.  Check out the video below and you’ll get an idea of how angry these birds really get!

YouTube Preview Image

In the game you get to fling these birds across the screen and topple buildings to try to free your bird friends and kill the various animals that steal your eggs.

Functiong Fishaholics now Angry Birds and Anger Management

Functioning Fishaholics is now Angry Birds and Anger Management

So here comes the big announcement:  As some of you may have figured out by now when I get into something I charge at it 190%.  I’ve realized in my first two hours of playing Angry Birds Rio (right before I made this post) that I’m going to make a major change to my fishing blog.  Yep you got it.  Over the next few weeks the Functioning Fishaholics will go through a transformation and become “Angry Birds and Anger Management”.  Its got a nice ring to it don’t ya think?

Anyway as you can see I’ve already changed the background and some of the layout and logos of the site.  In the upcoming days I’m going to replace the fish count page with a “Angry Birds Tournament Results” page.  I also think I’m going to make  a permanent chat room so that everybody can post their high scores and talk smack in real time.

I’m also thinking of opening a web store and selling Angry Birds plushies.  I mean they’re kinda for kids but I think adults will like em too.

Awesome angry birds plushie

Click to Buy me!

I’m pretty confident that the fisherman and hunters that frequent my page will quickly see the value of having a site devoted to hunting pigs and monkeys using only a slingshot and birds.  I mean there are always spare birds around right?

Angry Birds for Android phones

Angry Birds Website

Have you ever played Angry birds?  Are you currently thinking about how Angry Birds makes for great anger management?  Leave us a comment below!

Mar 292011

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The West Tennessee Elite Bass Club (WTEBC)

The West Tennessee Elite Bass Club (WTEBC) started in 2010 when several anglers wanted to hold local competitive fishing contests and a chance to fish different waters in the surrounding area. Our goal is to provide an elite club that will be able to send the top 6 anglers to the FLW/TBF State Tournament. The club is open to any anglers wishing to participate in a competitive type environment. We have members from all over the Memphis area and its suburbs.

Draw Tournaments: During the monthly meetings, each member participating in the next up-coming tournament will state his/her angler status, as Boater or Non-Boater. Names are then drawn to determine fishing partners and boat blast-off order. Non-Boaters help share the boater’s expenses.

Our Tournaments are individual based. You compete as an individual for your best total weight. Each individual will be awarded points based on their total weight per tournament.

There is an optional entry fee of $50.00. This covers the “$40.00 Fruit Jar ” and the “$10.00 Big Bass” pot. There will be separate pots for the Boaters and the Non-Boaters. Boaters will compete with the other Boaters and Non-Boaters will compete with the other Non-Boaters for the money pots. 100% payback.

Tournament points are based on the anglers total weight and not whether they are Boater or Non-Boater.

We meet at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at Bass Pro Shops, 6140 Macon Rd. near I-40 and Sycamore View Rd in Memphis.

Our Club Dues are $100 annually
(This includes the FLW ($35), The Bass Federation ($15) and Tennessee Bass Federation ($10) Membership fees)

WTEBC Members

WTEBC Members

If you need information about joining West Tennessee Elite Bass Club, please contact one of our officers!

Dennis Smith

Vice President
Don Graham

Casey Keener


Mar 282011

All right this is long over due so I’ll be brief.

Back on the fifth of March I made a visit to The Philadelphia Fly Fishing Show at the Valley Forge Convention Center in Valley Forge Pennsylvania.  While a lot of the old timers there said “Somerset’s bigger”, I was blown away by the amount of knowledge, gear, and raw talent at this show.  (I’ll also be checking out the Somerset show next year)

I spent a lot of time watching fly tying demos, seminars, and even a few casting demos.  While I could easily write four posts on the topic I’m going to scrap my original plans and hook you guys up with the good stuff.

Here are the best pictures from the show, enjoy!


If you want to check out the official website here’s the link:

Scott Cesari’s butterflies

Anthony M. Giaquinto, Jr spent a lot of time talking with me at the show.  The fly pictured above is actually in my personal collection.  You should check out more of his flies here


Did you go to the show?  Were you a presenter at the show?  Let us know in the comments below!

Mar 262011

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Drew's Adventures in Fishing

This site is dedicated to my love of fishing – a sport I tackle from a kayak or with my feet in the water. I am an avid fisherman who spends as much time as possible on the rivers and lakes of North Carolina.  Occasionally, I find time to hit the water other places as well. I grew up in central Pennsylvania and was constantly on/in the water catching trout, Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, and anything else that pulled. Since then I have lived in Oregon, New Mexico, and now North Carolina. I consider myself lucky to have lived in such diverse places and have learned new tips and techniques in each region.  I also love to take people fishing and introduce people to the sport – so if you are interested in planning a trip just give me a shout.

Drew fishing from kayak

Man Powered Outdoors details my tournament and competitve fishing ventures, fishing trips, and other fishing fun.  I also provide gear reviews, articles, and fishing reports.  I encourage readers to comment, make requests, and give feedback!

When not on the water, I work as a graduate student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Duke University.  I can be contacted via the website, Facebook, or Twitter (@yakdevil).  Tight lines!

Mar 252011
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