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Mar 242011

The Outdoor Blogger Network’s photo prompt this week is all about the un-mountable anti-trophy (aka biggest disaster of a catch you can find).

Here is a little something I caught at the upper part of Green Lane Reservoir.  I consider catching this fish punishment for drowning worms.  ENJOY!

Smallest bass ever caught in pa

PA state record?


Have you ever caught a “record” fish?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

Mar 232011

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Mar 192011

Sorry girls…  This is a post about a bug.

is this a little black stonefly

Little Black stonefly?

Today’s fishing was a disaster.  While I’m still collecting my thoughts and dealing with the windburn on my face I figured I’d share some pictures of a little friend I made today.  I believe he’s a little black stonefly (but I’m barely a fly fisherman and far from and entomologist).  I found him in one of my secret fishing spots close to Green Lane Reservoir and Unami Creek.  (don’t worry it wasn’t approved trout water)

***EDIT***  According to @foul_hook over at this is a stonefly.

Check out these other examples and tell me what you think!



what's special about a little black stonefly?

What's special about a bug?

Bugs hatch all the time it’s just a part of life on the water.  I guess what made this special for me was it marked a change in the day.  All morning I was fighting bitter wind and overcast skies.  After driving back home and going out again to check out another spot the sun came out, the air warmed up, and this little guy came out to remind me that spring is on the way!

ugly bug on an ugly stick


clear image of little black stonefly at unami creek

This image was pretty clear

Although I couldn’t get in too close with the lens I had on my camera the picture above does a great job of showing the lines on the bug’s wings and really gives some good detail.

You can see the split in his wings

And just for all of the ladies that were kind enough to endure all of the bug pictures…

crocus in bloom South Eastern PA

Spring has sprung!


Do you dream of river bugs (or flowers)?  Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

Mar 152011

Uh o it's the lake police!

Five of the best stupid fishing videos…
That I’ve Watched tonight.

OK so they might not be the very best stupid fishing videos out there but these are my top five favorite stupid fishing videos of the evening.

1. This guy would have gotten punched.


2. Set the hook!


3. Tree removal service, TIMBER!


4. Nice collection of short vids


5. My next fly fishing trip…


Mar 132011
Valley Creek 2

Valley Creek

Valley Creek…  The first fly fishing trip of the year.  I went out today to test some fresh gear and drown a few of my new fly tying creations.

Valley creek

High and clear

I was very impressed with the beauty and water clarity of Valley Creek.  Although pollution keeps you from eating fish from the creek, the water was beautiful in comparison to the warm water I’m used to fishing in the area.

Looking for trout

It's been a while

This was my first time fishing Valley Creek and my first time fly fishing in about 10 years.  Traditionally a lure and bait fisherman, I’m fascinated by the amount of skill and stillness I find in all aspects of fly fishing.  Somehow the sport captures the essence of frustration and peace and blends them into a beautiful (and sometimes chaotic) mix.


Complex yet beautiful

With the cool air temperature, casting problems, and my general lack of familiarity with the water, I didn’t stray too far from the parking area.

horrible casting

Casting problems...

The fishing trip lasted a brief two hours and yielded zero fish.  I saw one rise but with my clumsy casting and erratic stomping around I’m sure the fish had a pretty good time laughing at me.

Fishing the Valley Creek

Sure beats a day at the office!

Next time I go fly fishing I’m going to find a wider creek to fish and perhaps go after some stocked trout rather than the elusive Brown Trout of Valley Creek.

Valley Creek Trees


If you noticed this post has a bunch of really cool pics.  I was lucky enough to bring wifey with me to Valley Creek so she could have fun taking pictures (mostly of me making a fool of myself) while I fished.  I left some of these pictures large so you can click them and see them in full size.  Other than the two that are of me, the rest are pretty cool looking.

I learned a lot today and even though I didn’t catch anything a few hours of casting practice were an amazingly awesome way to spend my Sunday afternoon!


Do you fish the Valley Creek?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Mar 112011

If you’ve been following @funcfish on twitter you know that I’ve been posting a lot of late night cellphone pics of flies I’ve been tying.  While I’m still waiting for a few extra hours in my day to post ALL of the fly pics up on this site I thought I’d put my latest creation on here for you to see.

I kinda winged this Blue Winged Olive with the materials I had on hand in my “rookie bin” but the original design is loosely based on an awesome pattern found on the  Tie better” section of a website called  Global Fly Fisher

Anyway here it is.  I’d love to know what you think (but be kind I’m a rookie!)


mono tail Blue winged olive pattern trial

My first Blue Winged Olive

If you’d like to try it my materials are as follows:

  • Sz #16 dry fly hook (Lightning Strike DF3 SZ16)
  • Dubbing – Blue Wing Olive (Waspi super fine dry fly dubbing)
  • Thread – olive Ultra 70
  • Rib – Gold french tinsel
  • Hackle – Olive Saddle Hackle
  • Wing – Mallard flank
  • Tail – Some old mono from an old snelled Eagle Claw hook

Here’s another pic

Blue winged olive mono tailed

Blue Winged Olive pattern pic 2


Have you ever tied a Blue Winged Olive?  Do you have a better pattern?  Let me know what you think about mine in the comments below!

Mar 092011
original rapala floater

Are you pals with this guy? If not you should be…

This little guy is one of the best fishing companions you could ask for.  He’s stealthy and keeps to himself but don’t let his small size fool you.  Under that calm silver and black pattern lies the Vatican Assassin Warlock of the fishing world.  Yes folks, this lure has tiger blood running through its veins.

What is this magical lure you ask?  Today my friends, we are going to talk about the one and only:  Rapala Original Floater

rapala originial floater fishing lure

75 years of winning

Don’t let the name fool you,  “Original” might sound like an old and busted first run knockoff but this single lure design has been the number one producer for many of the Functioning Fishaholics.  I remember the first trip I saw this pattern in action, everyone else was getting skunked but with every other cast the Rapala Original Floater was bringing in fish for Jeff.  ALL DAY.

Being a fairly competitive fisherman I was humbled but I also learned my lesson.  That day after the fishing was done I went out and purchased this lure for my very own collection.  It was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

While Rapala has made many variations on this lure with many shapes, sizes, and colors, each new one I try still can’t hold a candle to the ol’ black and silver pattern you see above.

According to Rapala the original floater was made in 1936.  With all the fads that come and go in the fishing world the Rapala Original Floater in silver will always be my favorite go-to lure.  With 75 years of fish catching experience behind it, I never leave the house without bringing a Rapala Original Floater with me.


Thanks OBN for the prompt!

Mar 032011

February 1, 2011;  Wolfy of Flowing Waters (a.k.a. Joe from one of the best sites in the world) held a contest to try and find the best Bass angler in the world.  The winner of this contest would obtain a cache of premium Bass fishing tackle, which would help ensure that this flawless fisherman would remain the best Bass angler in the world for a very long time.  The contest was also to celebrate over 100 blog followers but for now let’s just pretend… I mean focus on the fact that it was to determine the best Bass fisherman in the world….


An awesome amount of bass fishing lures

What a collection!

Here is the run down:

Strike King Pro Buzz buzzbait, Strike King Bitsy titanium Elite Spinnerbait, Blue Fox Vibrax #3 spinner, Harrison – Hogue Big Eyed Pro Frog, Rapala Rattling Suspending Shad Rap #5, Rapala CD 7, Rapala Deep Running Minnow Rap 9, Lucky Craft Staysee 90 SP, Eagle Claw Trokar EWG hooks – 4/0, Yamamoto SW 5″ Swimbait, Yamamoto 4″ Senko, Kalin 5″ Lunker Grub, Strike King 4.5″ Bleeding Tubes

As you can see this is a serious gang of bass lures.  Rapala, Strike King, Yamamoto, lots of big names and big boy baits.  This collection is so sweet I think it would even make Billy Bass cry!


Sweet enough to make Billy Bass cry

This is gonna hurt...

So who got the gear?

Maybe it was a stroke of luck, perhaps a prediction of greatness to come (or a fluke of the random number generator) but one great fisherman was selected from the hoards of contestants.  This fisherman, destined to become the greatest Bass fisherman in the world goes by one name and one name only… Matt.  Yes you read that right!  The Functioning Fishaholics 17′ aluminum Ouachita canoe is now proudly sponsored by Wolfy and the Flowing Waters blogLook out KVD, The Functioning Fishaholics are slowly paddling their way to the top!

It must have been hard to part with all of this great gear!  Thank you for such a generous contest and rest assured Wolfy, this gear has found a very good home.  I will divvy up this fine haul of loot amongst my Functioning Fishaholic brothers and we shall do our best to “feed” the local Largemouth population!

If you haven’t read Flowing Waters yet check it out it’s a great blog!  Also make sure to follow the site, who knows what Wolfy will do when he gets to 500 blog followers?!?

Here’s the link:


Are you holding a special contest on your blog?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!


Mar 022011
Pic of Brody the Bear at Oaks sportshow

Largely Bear-able get it...


OK all puns aside the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow in Oaks PA was a blast!  In case you haven’t been keeping up with my blog, the Oaks sportshow ran from February 17-20 and was produced by the American Sportfishing Association.  I was able to spend pretty much all day Saturday there and while there were a million amazing things to see I thought I would share some of my favorites.


Lunker tank at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

Lunkers in a Tank!

The lunker tank was a sight to see!  Imagine if you will, a large trailer filled to the brim with big Largemouth bass.  I was able to watch a great demo by Jay Gillfillan where he actually got to work baits through this tank.  I wish I could have been in his shoes!

Later in the day I was also able to attend an awesome Drop shot presentation by Mike Delvisco.  Mike did a great job of not only showing his favorite rigs but he also gave some really good pointers on how to “power fish” a drop shot rig.  Good stuff!

Speaking of Mikes I was also able to meet world famous blogger Mike Agneta of the world famous blog Troutrageous!  He was manning the Stony Creek Anglers booth and took time out to tell me all about the Stony Creek Anglers and their Trout tournament on 4/30 and 5/1 in Norristown PA.  (more Trout tournament info)  All proceeds from this tournament will be donated to the operation of Montgomery County’s first co-op Trout nursery and Stony Creek Anglers childrens programs.  If you have kids I HIGHLY recommend taking them to this tournament.  There is even a special pond for kids 6 and under.


Indoor Casting pool at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

A casting pool indoors!

One of the other awesome things at this show was the indoor casting pool.  I enjoyed watching the fly fishing casting demonstrations that were going on during the day.  There is something awesome about an indoor casting pool and a lunker tank in the same building.  I almost asked security if I could sleep over.

Boats at the Oaks Sportshow

Lots of fishing boats

There was a good collection of fishing boats at the event.  One of them even had a motor that was almost taller than me!

Huge boat motor at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

This boat motor was GIANT


The show was jam packed with tons of gear and fishing and hunting guides from all over the country.  I want to give a special shout out to Russ Aldridge from South Branch Lake Camps in Seboeis Maine.  Russ took some time out of a busy show to talk to me about his camp.  The lake at the camp looked awesome and the concept of 3-5lb Smallmouth caught my interest.  I could really tell that a lot of hard work goes into their camp and the meals they prepare.  If you are headed to Maine for hunting or fishing make sure you check his camp out!  If I can get some time off  this summer I might even have to go up to his lake and show him how we catch Smallmouth Bass in PA!


If you missed out on the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow this year don’t worry there are still two shows in the area:

World Fishing & Outdoor Expo, Suffern, NY, Mar. 3-6, 2011
The Saltwater Fishing Expo, Somerset, NJ, Mar. 18-20, 2011


Baby Grizzly at the Oaks sportshow

Best of Show





Feb 192011

Real quick post here.  Just wanted to show off some of the cool fly tying/fishing gear I picked up at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow today.


Keep your eyes peeled for a full rundown of the awesomeness of the show.  I should have everything posted in a few days but until then if you haven’t made it over to the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow head on over to Oaks PA ASAP.  Sunday is the last day of the show!

For more info on the show:

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