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Apr 032013

Do you like fly fishing and fly tying?  Well if you do head on over to Loon Outdoors and check out their new site!

pic from Loon Outdoors new site

Loon Outdoors has a pretty new site

My favorite part of the new site is the interactive “Buy Local” map.  I love when manufacturers make it crystal clear that they support their local distributors.  What a great way to find local shops!

loon outdoors buy local

Buy Local with Loon

There are lots of other great features on the site so check it out!

Loon Outdooors homepage


So what do you think of the new Loon Outdoors site?  Let us know in the comments below!


Mar 132013

If you are a regular reader here on the blog you know we tend to keep things family friendly.  Nothing hot and steamy like “nude chicks fishing”, or BARELY CLOTHED WOMEN IN WADERS, or bikini girls fishing, or anything like that.

Well today that is all about to change and I’d like to thank my good pal Mike from the blog Troutrageous!  For helping me see the light.

It all started with a discussion lead by Fly fishing sensation Owl Jones about what “The next big thing in outdoor blogging” would be.

do hot fishing chicks catch fish

Owl starts the debate

After a little discussion there was a consensus.  Boobies.  Well… Boobies and fishing.  Or boobies fishing, or perhaps girls with boobies fishing.  So without further adieu here it is:

Really hot barely clothed chicks fishing or Hot girls holding fish

Alaska Cruise

 An Alaskan fishing cutie

Lobsterman with large lobster

 A smoking hot chick lobster fishing



 A Gorgeous and exotic temptress fishing in a one piece swimming suit

Julie Fishing From the DockA classic beauty fishing while wearing a hat

Well there you go.  While we didn’t have any hot girls in waders or half naked fly fishing babes, I think our first installment of “hot girls fishing” turned out awesome!

 **Post thumbnail totally lifted from Troutrageous! **

Did you like our new feature?  Was this post a little too NSFW?  Let us know in the comments below!


Mar 102013

Went out with a few of the Functioning Fishaholics today.  Fishing in PA is still a little rough in March but after a long day of casting I ended up pulling in one NICE Pickerel.

Caught a nice Pickerel today

Caught a nice Pickerel today

How’s the fishing going for you lately?  Let us know in the comments below!

Feb 252013

Outdoor Sport show banner

Can you feel it?  Spring is right around the corner.  We are beginning to gear up for warmer weather and what better place to do it than at an outdoor show?

This years Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow was awesome.

Remember when we reviewed this book?

Well guess what?  Dave Mercer, “Mr. emcee of the Bassmaster Classic and the Elite Series” himself was at the show!  Lucky for us he was also giving a seminar at the Bass tank!

Crankbaits are pretty

Crankbaits are pretty

During the seminar Dave was full of sage advice and humor…  My favorite point, “crankbaits are pretty, but most people miss out by leaving them in their tacklebox.”  (After chucking the crankbait above multiple times at some random dude’s head, he informed us that there were no hooks on the bait…  )

Working a cold room

Working a cold room

I gotta apologize to Dave for my fellow Pensyltucky brethren.  It was a pretty cold room.  At the start of the presentation I felt like I was the only fisherman in the audience with a sense of humor.  At one point I even thought he might get clobbered by a camo clad “local fishing pro” and his buddy.

A few from the Bass tank

A few from the Bass tank

At about the halfway point Dave had the crowd warmed up and ready to go.  They were laughing and learning.  In fact they didn’t even seem to mind that he was cherry picking the best Bass out of the lunker pool.

Wolves in Oaks PA

Wolves in Oaks PA

Another cool presentation was “Wolves Of The World”.  They had a live pack of wolves (behind a cage) in the middle of the convention center!  Sorry for the sub-par picture but this show was PACKED.  Kids and folks of all ages were lined up to watch these amazing animals.

Calmest bird ever

Calmest bird ever

Off to the side at the show were the falcons of Baywings Falconry.  These birds were AWESOME.  The one above kept its cool even though it was surrounded by screaming kids.  I was about a foot away and it stayed so calm…  almost craving my attention.  (perhaps it was luring me in to peck out my eyeballs)

Drop down and get your falcon on

Drop down and get your falcon on

Doesn’t this one almost look like he’s made of plastic?  It was surreal to be so close to these amazing animals!

All in all we had a great time at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow.  While I would have liked to see more closed door fishing seminars, I was still happy to get out and enjoy all of the exhibits and vendors.

If you missed out on this show there are still two more on the east coast:

World Fishing & Outdoor Exposition: Suffern, NY
Feb. 28-Mar. 3, 2013

The Saltwater Fishing Expo: Somerset, NJ
Mar. 15-17, 2013

Did you go to the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow this year?  Let us know in the comments below!





Feb 202013

A guest post by Debbie Hanson

After over 30 years of fishing with spinning gear, I decided to sign up for fly-casting lessons and was determined to learn the art of this graceful sport. Well, during the first few weeks of my “educational process” I had successfully hooked the following:

  • Myself (in the back of the head)
  • My nephew’s best friend (in the shorts)
  • A little old lady that was collecting shells on the beach (in the pants)

Although I was off to a rather rough start, I stuck with it… practicing my roll casts and double hauls until my right arm cramped up something fierce. Why was I so set on learning how to fly fish? The answer was simplicity.

There was something extremely attractive about being able to leave my two tackle boxes, bait bucket, bubbler, hooks, weights and array of lures behind. My fly rod was set with 1x tippet and 13 lb test leader material; I had a handful of Clouser Minnows and was ready to go catch a few snook or redfish from the beach. There weren’t boxes and buckets of gear to tote around. I loved it.

The one challenge was figuring out how to easily transport my extra flies as I walked the shoreline of the beach and migrated from one spot to the next. Sticking the flies in my pocket didn’t work; they just got snagged in the material of my shirt. Then, it dawned on me. A CORK! Heaven knows I have had more than my share of wine over the past few years and even have a glass vase in my condo that I use to collect wine corks, so getting my hands on a few extra was not a problem. Plus, it’s a green way of transporting flies since you are recycling.

Safe and Easy

Safe and Easy

All you need to do is:

  • Get your hands on a couple of extra wine corks.
  • Determine which species you want to target for the day.
  • Designate one cork for each species with two to four spare flies for each cork.

That’s it! Simple, easy and functional.



Debbie Hanson has fished professionally for the past nine years, competing in the 2003 Islamorada Women’s Sailfish Tournament, the 2004 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series, the 2010 Women’s Professional Tarpon Tournament Series and the 2012 Women’s Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. She and business partner, Natalie Leeke, co-own a fishing blog and T-shirt brand for female anglers, B’ASS Fisher Women. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information. Follow Debbie on Twitter at @shefishes2.



Jan 282013

I tied up a few bugs last night.  Felt REALLY good to be back on the vice.  It had been a while since I tied but the Somerset fly fishing show had me in the mood.

Oh, The Functioning Fishaholics have also started using a new form of social media:


So what do you think of my bugs?  Do you use UV epoxy?  Let us know in the comments below!

Jan 272013

Today was an AWESOME day to be a fishing blogger.

Somerset Fly Fishing Show

Somerset Fly Fishing Show

I went to the Fly fishing show in Somerset NJ with Mike from and Mike V. from  Met a TON of amazing fly fishing folks.  I also picked up some gear.

I could bore you with details but instead let me show you what I bought and perhaps I’ll finish this story later…

Somerset fly fishing show haul

Here’s my haul

FINALLY picked up a UV cure epoxy set.  found this one for $30 bucks which was about $50 less than everything else the show had to offer.  A new fly box, some thread, some copper ice dub and some grizzly hackle…  Not a huge haul but it should help me get back to fly tying.  I haven’t tied much lately but hopefully this new set of materials will get the creative juices flowing!

Thanks to everyone at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset.  I thought this year was better than last year and I can’t wait to get back to the show in 2014!

Did you go to the show?  Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Jan 242013

Searching for “why are ninjas so awesome?” click here

If you are here to see an awesome product that allows you to BECOME a fishing ninja, please continue reading…

Hoorag fishing ninjas

A Functioning Fishaholic Fishing Ninja

What the heck is a Hoo-rag?

Their slogan, “The better bandanna”  sums it up nicely.  The Hoo-rag is a stretchable, breathable, fabric tube that can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit your situation.  Check out the video below to see some of the many ways it can be worn.

YouTube Preview Image

So why get so excited over a fabric sock?

It was a warm Summer night, a few of the Functioning Fishaholics were fishing the Perkiomen Creek at dusk, and the bugs were getting thick.

Hoo-rag was kind enough to send a few different samples for us to review and as an experiment, I silently kept a few Hoo-rags in my vest.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, these items would soon become some of their favorite gear.

“What the heck is that?”

Looking over at me in my “fishing ninja” garb, Kris questioned me about the fabric on my face.  “It’s a Hoo-rag”, I muttered.  “Wanna try one?”

Kris had no hat and the bugs were starting to annoy him.  “Sure”, he replied.

A few minutes later Kris was a believer.  “This thing is awesome”, The bugs were out of his nose and ears and Kris was starting to enjoy the trip again.

Curious, Jeff walked over to Kris  and tried it on for himself.  Within a few minutes we had another believer  (In fact I think I still owe Jeff the 3rd Hoo-rag I still have on my desk).

The Hoorag fishing bandanna comes in many designs

Fishy designs

The whole group loved Hoo-rag

Prior to this trip I happily used my Hoo-rag to keep away, bugs, wind, and sun.  It was great to see the guys felt the same way about this product.  For such a small and inexpensive item it received LOTS of praise.

Does the Hoo-rag fit a big head?

As far as sizing goes, if you can’t tell from the pic above I have a HUGE head…  We are talking massive, planetoid scale here.  I often have a lot of trouble finding a hat that will fit.  The Hoo-rag fit my head and face and never seemed too tight.

Is it breathable?

In full sun on a really hot day I did feel a little warmer wearing the Hoo-rag however, it wasn’t uncomfortable.  I’d imagine that on a cold day that little bit of extra heat could come in handy.  If you are looking to cool down I’d suggest soaking the Hoo-rag in water first.

The Hoorag even comes in a Tarpon design


Does it protect you from the sun?

Ever see a pro bass fishermen up close?  Notice how most of their faces resemble old shoe leather?  Be safe and cover your face!  A Hoo-rag, sunglasses, and hat can give you almost 100% coverage from the sun.  This summer I’m making it a point to don the Hoo-rag on sunny days.

Overall the Funcfish crew was very impressed with the Hoo-rag.  In fact, I can’t think of a fishing product that has gotten more praise from our group.

At $15 this product is a great way to protect your face.  There are a ton of different designs and many are geared towards fishermen!

If you are interested in more information or would like to buy a Hoo-rag fishing bandanna, head on over to their site!


Do you have a favorite hat or NINJA fishing gear?  Let us know in the comments below!



Dec 292012

No excuses here but lately there have been a few life changes that have put The Functioning Fishaholics in the back seat.  These changes are all positive and I’ll write about them soon but until then…

I just bought some fly tying materials from J. Stockard.

J. Stockard fly fishing supplies

Ooh lookie here bird parts!

I received a $25 J. Stockard gift certificate almost a year ago from an awesome fisherman and artist and finally decided to make my purchase (plus a few other self funded items I needed).

Overall J. Stockard has a nice selection of fly tying materials.  I thought their prices were actually a little better than what I’ve seen at shows lately.  SO CHECK EM OUT!

Now I’m just hoping I can just find some time for fly tying!

Here are some things I’d like to do this month:

  • FISH
  • Deliver my life changing good news
  • Write a review for the Hoorag
  • Write a review for Mystery Tacklebox
  • Tie some flies!

Hope this holiday season has left you and yours with only good news.

Nov 222012

Hope you are all getting fat on Turkey today (and hopefully sneaking out for a little fishing).

Here are a few Turkey fishing pictures I found…



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