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Jun 292012

For those of you who enjoy a GIANT glass of wine when you camp, I thought I’d present you with the perfect cabin…

Ooh… That came from a hearty bottle!

What you see above isn’t a giant dog turd or alien spaceship, it’s a CABIN!  This outdoor living “vessel” is made from cork!

Here’s a picture that shows a little more of the inner workings of this innovative shelter.

Translation: “This is one awesome tent”


File this one under “pack and play”


If you’d like to see more off this “un-stopperable” cork cabin head on over to

Would you sleep in a cork bungalow?  Do you think this thing could double as a Bass boat?  Let us know in the comments below!


Jun 232012

Interested in installing a fuel pump on your boat?  Check out this guest post by our friend Jessica.

Installing a fuel pump in your boat is something you can likely tackle on your own if you have a modest amount of DIY skills. While vacuum pumps and electric pumps have slightly different instructions, you should be able to handle the task with the right guidance and the right tools. It’s always a good idea to have a friend handy to assist you or answer questions, especially if you’re new to boat ownership.

Tools to gather

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools on hand. Nothing is quite as frustrating as getting halfway done with a job and finding you don’t have the tools necessary to finish. For this project, you will need the following:

  • Thread locker
  • Torque wrench
  • Torque driver
  • Soldering iron
  • Standard slotted screwdriver
  • Rosin-core silver-bearing solder

Image Source:

Do not let the list of supplies intimidate you. The project is not that difficult once you get started.  Please note you should also have a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case. Safety should be your number one priority.

Installing an electric fuel pump

1. Attach the pump
Apply the thread locker to the mounting bolt threads. Connect the pump and the pump gasket and then insert the mounting bolts through both pieces. Set the pump in its place, threading the mounting bolts into position. Tighten as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Connect the fuel lines
Begin with the fuel line coming from the water-separating fuel filter, sliding it into the pump’s “in” slot and clamping it in place. Do the same thing with the fuel line from the fuel cooler, but connect this one to the “out” slot on the pump. Tighten both clamps using the screwdriver.

3. Attach the wires
Solder the red power wire on the pump to the vacant terminal on the pump switch. Loosen a grounding bolt on the engine block and wrap the black wire from the fuel pump around the bolt, tightening it to hold the wire in place. Finish the job by switching on the pump and checking for leaks.

Installing a vacuum pump

1. Attach the pump
Thread the mounting bolts in place, connecting them to the pump and pump gasket. Place in the correct location in the engine and tighten into place.

2. Insert the fuel lines
Locate a nipple on the intake side of the pump and insert the fuel line from the tank, clamping it in place. Press the other fuel line into the nipple on the outflow side, clamping it in place as well. Place the vacuum hose over the remaining nipple, located in the center of the pump and use a hose clamp to hold it securely.

To finish, pump the primer until the bulb feels firm. Look for leaks.

Your boat’s fuel system is vital to whether or not your vessel functions effectively. While the vacuum pump is slightly simpler to take care of, both electric and vacuum fuel pump installation are tasks that the average boat owner should know how to take care of.

Jessica is interested in traveling and spending time outdoors. She enjoys spending time fishing and blogging on behalf of Sears and other products she trusts.


Jun 152012

Do you love fishing?  Do you love Twitter?  How bout Cabela’s?

Well even if you just kinda like Twitter, here’s your chance to win a $20 Cabela’s gift card.

What’s that???!!!?

Yes, you read that right a $20 Cabela’s gift card could be yours!

Here is the ridiculously simple rules:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @funcfish
  2. Send out a tweet that includes the #2020for20 hash tag.  (Ex: Here’s a tweet!  #2020for20 now give me my money!)

Once we hit 2020 followers we’ll draw one random winner from everyone that used the tag.  Even if you already follow us you can take part in the contest!

Here’s the fine print:  This is our first contest.  We will try our best not to screw up.  We will do our best to ensure this contest is fair and a random winner is drawn.  If you don’t reply to our attempts to contact you after winning someone else will be drawn.  We reserve the right to screw up or modify the rules if need be.  Good luck everyone!



Jun 112012

I was bumbling around on my favorite Android news site today and I was amazed to see an article about FISHING!

It seems a new product is coming to market that uses your mobile phone or tablet as a depth finder display!

Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image


On the surface this looks like a pretty useful device.  They are running pre-orders for $149 which places the unit in the “budget friendly” tier of depth finders.

This would look better next to an Android Phone

Here are some of the reasons I like the Deeper cast-able fishfinder:

  • The unit can be cast to a spot you are investigating without spooking fish (by running them over with a boat)
  • Deeper is perfect for fishing from shore or docks
  • Being integrated with your phone/tablet you can easily mark GPS spots on a Google map to check out later
  • Tied to a long rod with braid you could make multiple casts all around the boat to find the best spot in your immediate area
  • Being able to drag the unit across the water should also help with identifying drop offs and structure
  • It has rechargeable batteries
  • As an app on your phone/tablet there is the opportunity for upgrades over time and potentially new features
Looking around on the internet the only thing I could find that was similar to this was the Humminbird smart cast system.

Humminbird SmartCast RF15 3.9-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

 This unit might be a good option for those who don’t carry their phone on the water but at the same price of $149.99 on Amazon I would personally rather give the Deeper Fishfinder a try.

If you are looking for more information on this cast-able fish finder head on over to the Deeper Fishfinder website.

** Disclosure –  I wrote this article to support a cool new innovative product.  While I should have signed up for Deeper’s affiliate program, I didn’t.  I’m not affiliated with Deeper in any way however if they are willing to hire a dashing young fishing personality and social media superstar like myself, I wouldn’t turn down the prospect**

So what do you think about cast-able fish finders?  Are they the next evolutionary step in depth finding technology?  Are they a fad?  Let us know in the comments below!

May 302012

So if you haven’t yet purchased Zazzy Pop poppers: “The world’s strongest fly popper”. I’ll give you a couple more reasons.

I went out to my secret spot last Monday for a few hours of bug slinging.  This spot has very limited shore access and the weeds along the shoreline were extremely thick.

Since I had success with the Zazzy Pop poppers on my first attempt with them I figured I’d try throwing these bugs inbetween the openings in the weeds and see if anything was active.

Big ol' Bluegill

On the 2nd or 3rd cast I hooked into this chunker.  I originally thought it was a Largemouth Bass by the weight on my rod.  Pulling this guy though the weeds wasn’t fun and I was extremely glad I upped my tippet to 8lb mono.


I'll take an 8" Bluegill any day of the week

Since the fish was a brute I decided to break out the measuring tape 8″ .  Not bad for a small pond!

My second fish

After finding a tick crawling around on me I decided to move from my first spot.  A few casts in I found another nice sized Bluegill.  I noticed a few nesting fish closer to shore and although they “are only Bluegills” I threw my line out far to try and avoid their nests as much as possible.

A few misses, lots of weeds, ticks, and hungry baby turtles, I decided to end this trip early.  Two nice bluegill were enough action for my evening.


Did you get out fishing on Memorial day?  Catch anything?  Let us know in the comments below!


May 302012

Ever run into a fish that was a straight up baller?  Last Saturday I ran into two such fish both were extremely gutsy and somewhat insane.  I thought I’d share the ridiculous pictures with you.

little fish eating big bait

More than you can chew

Talk about biting off more than you can chew.  The 3″ fish above was caught on a 3″ senko worm.

A little bigger

This fish was a little bigger but catching a 4″ Bluegill on a Berkley HAVOC Devil Spear 4-Inch Bait is just ridiculous.

Think about the lesson to be learned here.  They always say “big baits for big fish”.  If we use these two fish as an example does that mean I should start throwing the mailbox at em?

Do you use monster baits for monster fish?  Let us know in the comments below!


May 292012
Fishing girl flash game

Fishing Girl?

**WARNING**  This game is addictive!

Looking to waste some time?  What could be better than playing a weird Flash game?  How about playing a weird Flash game that involves FISHING!!??

From what I can tell this game is called “Fishing Girl”

To beat this game you have to save your little brother (or whatever that blue blob is) on the the right hand side of the screen.  You have to catch fish using the right kind of bait and then buy better rods to increase your cast.  The game is pretty simple but fun.



This game has two alternative endings

Fishing girl ending

Fishing girl ending



Have you played fishing girl?  Did you beat both endings?  Let us know in the comments below!

May 282012

You may have heard some buzz online about a new fly fishing product called the Zazzy Pop.

Zazzy pop logo

You may have even seen this...

Bold, bright colors, made in the USA, quality materials…  You may have also heard a couple of these promises tossed around on social media sites like Twitter.  It appears Zazzy Pop has been making the rounds.

From what I can tell, if fly fishing were the sport of skiing, Zazzy Pop would be the first company to make the snowboard.  These things are pretty extreme.

Are popper style flies art?

Can popper flies be art?

Could a fishing lure or fly be a work of art?  The man behind the Zazzy Pop, “Owl” Jones seems to think so.  Each pattern on these poppers is done by hand by Mr. Jones himself.  Although styles are similar, no two Zazzy poppers are the same.

So this Mr. Jones…  Is he from China?  

How bout…  Georgia.  Yep that’s right, each one of these poppers is hand crafted in the USA.  You won’t find a “made in China” sticker on one of these bad boys.

zazzy poppers are built with quality in mind

And the quality shows

Quality  is a word that is thrown around a lot in any industry.  As someone who has destroyed many a commercial fly on the first cast I’ll tell ya most commercial flies are crap.

Zazzy Poppers are different.  Designed by a fisherman, built by a fisherman, these poppers are built to last.  When Owl was designing these flies one of his main concerns was the fact that most commercial poppers don’t last.

So did they pass The Functioning Fishaholics test?

I spent one long frantic hour abusing testing the black legged popper.  I took the popper to one my favorite spots along the Perkiomen Creek.  A spot with concrete…

For one solid hour I threw this popper into multiple trees.  I even accidentally pulled casts directly into the concrete platform I was casting from.  The Zazzy Popper took all of my abuse in stride.  It didn’t spin on the hook, it didn’t get stuck in the trees,  I didn’t explode upon hitting concrete.  We have a winner!

But how does it fish?

The Perkiomen Creek can be a tough body of water when the fish aren’t active.  I was able to land three fish in about an hour with the Zazzy Popper.

Standard little Perkiomen Creek Bluegill

Standard Perkiomen Creek Bluegill

I caught two standard sized Perkiomen Creek Bluegills.  While three fish in an hour is a little better than I usually do on the fly, the next fish I caught was a little different.

A legit Rock Bass

A legit Rockbass

The Rockbass above is the kind of fish I usually catch using a Senko and a spinning rod.  In fact, the fish above is on the large side compared to most of the Rockbass I catch on the Perkiomen Creek.

While my time on the water was limited I feel as though I put the Zazzy Pop popper through its paces and it exceeded my expectations.

I’m very excited to take these poppers back out on the water and hopefully pick up a few Smallmouth Bass.

Disclaimer:  Owl Jones is a personal blogger buddy of mine.  I’d really like to see him succeed and make some money selling this product.  He sent me these three poppers so that I could check them out and give him my honest opinion.

What is my honest opinion?  These are the best poppers I’ve ever seen in my life.  I am very rough on flies and these things are built to handle whatever I throw at them.  When I finally lose these in a tree I will purchase more poppers from Zazzy Pop with my own money.

If you are looking to buy poppers give Zazzy Pop a try.

You can buy Zazzy Pop  poppers on:  The Zazzy Pop website


Have you tried Zazzy Pop poppers yet?  Let us know in the comments below!


May 262012


4am…  UGH…

The fishing addiction is still alive and well…

This morning I woke up at 4am to go fishing.  This fishing involved driving an hour and a half…  Did I mention the roads were almost 100% fog the whole way?

Was it worth it?  YES.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 1

Jeff's first Octoraro Largemouth

After making it to the boat a little late (sorry Jeff), we were on the water by 6:30am.  Jeff hooked into the first fish above near some submerged wood.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 2

Another for Jeff

As we worked our way around Octoraro Reservoir Jeff picked up another off of some riprap along the shore.  I hooked into a small bluegill in that location but no Largemouth Bass.

Octoraro bluegill 5-26-2012 3

A pig of a Bluegill

As we continued around the lake (and into muddier waters) the fishing started to slow.  I wasn’t having any luck on the Bass front but I did hook into a nice Bluegill.  It’s hard to tell from the picture due to my massive man hands but this Bluegill was HUGE.  Thinking back, I’m not even sure I’ve ever lipped a Bluegill before…

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 3

My luck changed

At about 9:30am my luck changed.  After working my way through various baits (and striking out big time), I decided I’d stick to my old standby, the senko.  I decided on black as my color due to the lack of water clarity.   This Largemouth was holding tight to a recently fallen tree.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 4

Beautiful colors on this Largemouth Bass

As we moved to the far side of the lake things started heating up.  After some long an hard casting practice, we hit a stretch of water that held some active fish.  The Largemouth Bass above was almost black in color and looked awesome.

Octoraro bluegill 5-26-2012 4

An even larger bluegill!??

Again, sorry for the huge mantastic man hands…  This was the largest Bluegill of the day.   I’d guess it to be about 9″+ long.  It’s not often that I’m happy catching Bluegill but this guy fought like a Bass 3x the size.  What a beautiful fish!

Another nice Octoraro Largemouth Bass

Another nice Octoraro Largemouth

This was the first time in almost two years that Jeff and I have fished Octoraro Reservoir.  We joked about how last time we almost got skunked trying to throw Rapala original floaters topwater the whole time.

Even though we each keyed in to our favorite baits on this outing, we knew that our skill as anglers was much stronger.

Octoraro Largemouth 5-26-2012 6

Less drag, more fish

On our last trip to Marsh Creek, I experienced a few break offs and determined my drag has been set too tight.

On this trip I learned to turn down my drag.

Although the fishing was somewhat slow, I made sure the fish I hooked into made it back to the boat.  While it may take a little longer to land the fish,  at least I know that I’m not breaking the fish off and leaving a hook in its face.

Driving 3 hours, operating on 4 hours of sleep, catching a bunch of fish…  What a Saturday!

For more info on Octoraro Reservoir check out: Jims’s Bait & Tackle

Did you go out fishing today?  Catch anything?  Let us know in the comments below!




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