Dec 292011
End of Year Clearance - 3 Addicts and Some Trippy Pics

Wow.  2011 is flying by eh?  By my count there are three days left until 2012.  I’m excited.  2012 is going to hold some great fishing, the likes of which have never  been seen (at least on this humble blog). As we travel farther down the rabbit hole of fishing addiction, allow me to present […]

Sep 092011
Artsy Fartsy Fishing - Enough Rain Already! Edition

Even though the  rain and flooding continue this week in Pennsylvania there is a bright side. No, it’s not your insurance check, it’s… ART! Are you ready to get Artsy Fartsy Fishing up in here?  Thought so.         Are you enjoying our loose definition of art and photography?  Would you like to […]

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