Mar 252011
Little Baby Fishy

Spring is in the air and everyone’s got baby fever.  Couples everywhere are talking about babies or having babies or buying stuff for babies.  Heck even the fish and aquatic insects are swimming and flying around thinking of all the fun ways they will spawn and increase the population. Alright so I’m a little early…  […]

Jan 052011
Maybe he just wasn't in the mood

Do you love fishing?  Well here at the Functioning Fishaholics we do.  We have a passion for grabbing our rod and charging out to the water if only for a little tug on our line. Fishing = Passion Watch the video below (click watch on YouTube), if you think to yourself, “there’s nothing wrong with […]

Jan 032011
When Pike Attack!

Stumbled onto a post over at the World Fishing Network today entitled “5 of the Wildest Fishing Videos” the very first one caught my eye and decided to look around and see if I could find more examples of WHEN PIKE ATTACK! (warning these videos contain bodily injury and foul language):

Aug 132010

Not sure where these guys are doing this but it looks INSANE!  Lake Nockamixon is always a great spot for big fish and it looks like these guys are making it happen with Largemouth Bass. Check out the video from DVOTV on YouTube

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