Dec 122011
The Intimidating Nature of Saltwater Fishing

And what you can do about it. (A guest post by: Josh Mann)   One of the main complaints I hear from people who are interested in fishing saltwater for the first time is ” There’s so much water , I don’t know where to start.” I can understand that sentiment. The vast expanse of ocean […]

Oct 172011
Defining Moment - A Guest Post By Paul Baechtold

The following is from Paul Baechtold founder of Casting Currents, a site dedicated to sharing the stories of why we love fishing.  Please take the time to read this through.  Paul shares our love for fishing and we hope you’ll share your story with him on his site. January 31st, 2010 (Ring…ring…ring…) “Hello?” “Paul? It’s […]

Aug 182011
FlyStock - 3 Days of Fish and Music

I bumped into Brandon Robinson @flystock the other day on Twitter and offered up a free post to help him promote an amazing event called FlyStock.  When he responded to my email I was expecting the usual, event details, promotional material, etc.  Instead I received a heartfelt message that really spoke to the reason behind this event […]

May 042011
Philadelphia Striped Bass Fishing Derby - Signup TODAY

I ran into the organizers of the Philadelphia Striped Bass Derby on Twitter @phillybassderby the other day.  It seems our City of Brotherly Love is hosting a Striped Bass fishing throwdown of EPIC proportions.  The spirit of this derby is very impressive;  So many times you see fishing derby’s for marked fish or for full […]

Mar 232011
RippinLip Outdoors

Filed under: Sites you should check out RippinLip Outdoors was designed for the weekend warrior, the avid angler, or the hunting youngster. Our site is the first stop for all your fishing and hunting information needs. We strive to communicate quality, useful and fun information that helps you enjoy the great outdoors. Our hardworking RippinLip Team does everything […]

Feb 062011
Spring Crappie Excitement in Minnesota (a guest post by Ben Gustafson)

I always get excited about spring crappie fishing. When it comes to fishing in Minnesota most people think about Walleye.  Don’t get me wrong when I say I’m excited about Crappie fishing this spring because Walleye fishing is great too, but there is nothing quite like hitting a big school of Crappies in the spring. […]

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