Mar 222012
Raw Sewage Spill In Valley Forge National Park - Valley Creek Sewage Spill

There is nothing I hate more than guys that copy other people’s posts but after seeing this video this morning I’m going to hope epic Troutmaster Troutrageous! Mike will forgive me for stealing this. Turns out there was a sewage spill in Valley Creek last weekend. The video below states that there hasn’t been a […]

Mar 192012
My Crazy Flies...  Art?

Apparently if you are an amazingly talented painter like Christina Deubel you can make art out of anything! A few weeks back Christina contacted me on Twitter and explained that she is doing an entire art show based on flies that were tied by fly fishermen on Twitter.  She wondered if I would send her […]

Mar 172012
Ready for some REAL March Madness?

Do you like sports?  A little March Madness Basketball perhaps? Well, if you are looking for that thing called “NCAA Tournament 2012” or some such nonsense you might be in the wrong place. I mean…  The title of this blog is The Functioning FISHaholics… Now on to some REAL March Madness Oh yes, the Bassmaster […]

Mar 132012
An Awesome Fishing Weekend – Pt. 2 – New Boat

After spending a day fishing Valley Creek and watching the Fly Fishing Film tour it was hard to imagine my weekend could get any better. Then, there was Sunday. Turns out fellow Functioning Fishaholic Jeff has one HECK of a father in law.  While I’m not 100% sure how much of his soul he had […]

Mar 122012
An Awesome Fishing Weekend - Pt. 1 - F3T

Ooh a 2 part series?  Yes…  My fishing weekend was that good. Before I get started, if you’d like to read a really well written account of the Saturday’s events please check out this post. For those of you who didn’t click the link above, here’s my version of Saturday’s events. The F3T was in […]

Mar 062012

No fishing?  What?! If you aren’t familar with the term “Approved Trout Water” please allow me to provide an explanation:  These waters are closed to all fishing (including taking of minnows) from March 1 to 8 a.m. on the opening day of the trout season. Some of these waters have been included in the Early Season Trout-Stocked […]

Feb 192012
Social Media, Twitter, and Fishing

Today was my second day at the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow in Oaks PA.  There were a few purchases made but more importantly, I had the  honor of meeting some new fishing buddies and scoring this blogs first big time interview. For those who have never been to their site, Delaware Valley Outdoors is a treasure trove […]

Feb 152012
Dam It!  Or...  Don't...  Dam Removal Is Cool!

I saw this on (soon to be pro Bass fisherman) Jody White’s Twitter feed today (@vtbasser) This video is all about removing the Swanton Dam on the Missisquoi River.  It goes into some great history of why dams were put on rivers and why we might be better off without them. The video does a […]

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