May 252011
Lake Champlain - 30th Annual Father's Day Derby presented by Yamaha

What can be better than a day of fishing with dad?  How bout a Father’s day derby?  How about a ton of prizes?  How bout a huge lake? You are going to want to read this. The 30th annual LCI Father’s Day Derby presented by Yamaha is the premier lake-wide fishing event on beautiful Lake […]

May 042011
Philadelphia Striped Bass Fishing Derby - Signup TODAY

I ran into the organizers of the Philadelphia Striped Bass Derby on Twitter @phillybassderby the other day.  It seems our City of Brotherly Love is hosting a Striped Bass fishing throwdown of EPIC proportions.  The spirit of this derby is very impressive;  So many times you see fishing derby’s for marked fish or for full […]

Apr 062011
2011 PA Fishing License

Just in case you haven’t gotten around to it yet.  You can purchase your 2011 Pennsylvania fishing license online.  The process is quick and painless and you can even print the license at home! Head on over to and choose the “purchase with a credit card” option.  In under a minute you’ll be printing […]

Apr 032011
Good Friends Will Understand

I got a chance to hang out with some really good friends last night.  While I didn’t want to have a traditional “birthday party” they still made sure to get me this “non-birthday cake”. These Amazing friends do not fish but I think they understand (and support) my sickness.  This has to be the best […]

Apr 022011
Opening day for Trout 2011

Blogging with my phone here in bed.  Less than 2 hours until us folks in SE PA can start fishing approved trout water. My big question of the day is what tactic should I use to land those sweet, stocked, rainbow trout? Will it be bait,  spinner, or fly?   Choices choices!   See you on […]

Apr 012011
April Fools

WHAT!?!  Yes that’s right, APRIL FOOLS! Come on folks?  Do you honestly think I would give up fishing for a video game? (Ok there was Modern Warfare 2).  It was fun for a day but I’m afraid that “Angry Birds AND Anger Management” had a very short run.  Perhaps I’ll float the website idea by […]

Mar 312011
Angry Birds and Anger Management

PLEASE pay special attention to this post as it contains a very important announcement! Ever wanted to take out pigs or crazy little monkeys with a slingshot?  Yea I thought you did.  Imagine having the ability to fling a bird 300 yards and collapse a whole fricking building right on the head of an annoying […]

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