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The Functioning Fishaholics Record Catches:

Here at the Functioning Fishaholics we believe fishing can also be a competitive sport.  While we haven’t broken any PA records (yet), this page holds our best fish from Southeastern PA.  We started this list in 2010 and hope to make new entries each year as we improve our skill.

Muskellunge 43″ -Jeff (2014)
Chain Pickerel 17″ -Matt (2010)
Largemouth Bass 23″ 5lb -Jeff (2015)
Smallmouth Bass 20″ -Matt 2015
Rainbow Trout  23″ – Bo 2015 – On the fly
Black and white drawing of a Brown Trout Brown Trout
Yellow Perch
White Perch
Rock Bass
Black Crappie 13″ Jeff
Bullhead Catfish
Channel Catfish 27″ -Ben (2010)


Started: 7/1/2010

  • Anon

    If you want to catch bullhead catfish- somorset lake is the place to go. They aren’t too big but decent size. It’s in landenberg pa, I recommend going either during night or early morning is the best to catch. I’ve caught a few there on doughballs but I know people have caught some on hot dogs as well. There is bass in there also but very hard to catch unless you go out on a canoe or kayak

  • drew strawbridge

    I want to start fishing again after 20 years! I live in ziegleville. Any good spots? It would be neat to catch rock bass , smallmout. Im psyched. Probably will release. Can you get barbless hooks. Dont know about eating fish though. Im 68 and I and its been awhile.

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